Designer Christian Juul Nielsen has released his fourth and final collection of the year with Aknvas: Resort 2024.

Credit: Aknvas

After Aknvas’ launch in 2019, we’ve seen his designs follow a bold colour palate with textured fabrics and lots of ruffles. And just like we expected, this collection doesn’t stray away from the ruffle.

It offers a series of pieces that bring a distinct, relaxed “after hours” atmosphere.

The lineup includes playful cocktail shakers, modern braided Lurex knits with silver bottoms, and captivating sequin-embellished garments with a moody aesthetic.

Credit: Aknvas

One of the stand out features of the collection is without a doubt the gold sequin lined black mesh material.

Of the more colourful pieces, Juul Nielsen has gone monochromatic, never mixing any palettes. The designs are either gold and black, or a solid pink, blue or green.

The collection is a range of ready-to-wear, to almost some haute couture styles. We even see some Hunger Games Capitol looking inspired pieces such as the second from the right look above.

His vision and vibe of the collection are very apparent and we love it.

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