Hold onto your hats everyone! The spanking new clip for “I Want What I Want” by MAMA ft. Antonella has finally dropped… And we love it.

Credit: Youtube (MAMA feat. Antonella)

Antonella wants to tear your world apart, especially if you back the patriarchies and idiocracies that pollute it.

In “I Want What I Want”, she broods her venom with stunning ferocity, unleashing a torrent of semi-twisted desires onto those who dare to cross her path.

This is a brutal, wild, impassioned ride, a feminist cri de coeur that demands women stop letting men do what they want and start kicking back.

“The voice in ‘I Want What I Want’ belongs to a woman who has no interest in conforming to the neo-Victorian cult of the ‘sacrificial angel’…”

Explains Antonella. “But, rather, revels in her indifference to it. She’s selfish, defiant, seductive, and will never, ever submit.”

Enigmatic and at times, disturbing, “I Want What I Want” is potent – immersing you in Antonella’s atmosphere. Her eclectic and rebellious choreography amps up the clip’s infectious energy, complemented by avant-garde outfit choices that are a treat for the eyes.

It’s an arresting piece of art, serving up a sonic and visual feast of modern femininity. This is an unapologetic and genre-defying anthem; heralding the arrival of a new breed of industrial electronic music for the disillusioned.

Check it out below:

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