This next in the series of thoughts on AI  from DESIRE GROUPE founder Paul G Roberts looks at the next generation of “Deep Fake’ creation tools, that are now creating TV series content, all powered by AI.

Credit: Youtube, SharedInspiration

TVX’s Deep Fake Neighbor Wars is a TV series that is being syndicated in the States and also internationally. It is a sketch comedy series where the character are famous people who have been ‘Deep Faked’.

Firstly one has to wonder how this appropriation of famous identities is legal. America being such a litigious country has to have lawyers drooling at the thought of new celebrity lawsuits and court cases.

Can anyone just take someone else’s identity and use it in an AI Deep fake film ? Especially when the identities are some of the biggest identities in entertainment and tech. Even more so when the piss is being taken to make them look ridiculous.

Having made “Deep Fakes’ previously for some of my own films, it’s clear that the AI powered Tools have come a long way. In this film, actors are used to play the characters, voices are synthesised to sound like the real characters and faces are imposed seamlessly so as to be almost undetectable.

It’s pretty funny. Click the link below:

Several months after the premiere of TVX’s Deep Fake Neighbor Wars, Nicki Minaj isn’t thrilled that the series used an A.I. version of her in one of its episodes.

TVX has started syndicating the series worldwide and it can currently be viewed on SBS ON DEMAND even in Australia. Where “Neighbor” gets THE AUSTRALIAN spelling. One wonders who has the rights to these identities as I cannot think that they would have approved of their images being used.

On Sunday, the rapper hopped on Twitter to share her thoughts on Deep Fake Neighbor Wars, which in one of its installments featured Nicki alongside Tom Holland and Mark Zuckerberg.

“HELP!!!” Minaj responded to a clip featuring A.I. Nicki. “What in the AI shapeshifting cloning conspiracy theory is this?!?!! I hope the whole internet get deleted!!!”

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