It has been two years since American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo debuted into the music scene with her Grammy winning album ‘Sour.’ It was the album that had us screaming heartbreaking lyrics at the top of our lungs and driving past our ex’s houses in the hopes that they’ll take us back.

Photo: Courtesy of @oliviarodrigo, Instagram

Since the release of “Sour”, Olivia Rodrigo has won countless awards. This includes a Grammy Award for the best vocal album and the Billboard Music Award for top Billboard 200 album.

Since then fans have been patiently waiting for what she has planned for her sophomore album.

It was on the 27th of June when Rodrigo announced via Instagram the release date of ‘Guts,’ followed by a sneak peak of her new song ‘Vampire.’

Her posts featured dark purple hues and, red lips, blood, and horror elements, exciting fans for Rodrigo’s new era. She writes,

“Writing this song helped me sort through lots of feelings of regret, anger, and heartache. it’s one of my favourite songs on the album and it felt very cathartic to finish. I’m so happy it’s in your hands now and I hope it helps u deal with any bloodsuckers in your life,”

The music video for ‘Vampire’ dropped on the 1st of July, and fans were not disappointed.

With Rodrigo’s iconic pop sound and poetic lyrics followed by a killer bridge, It’s clear that she knows how to capture the hearts of her audience.

Her fans were quick to spread their thoughts and support. One fan writing, “Olivia Rodrigo really defies all the one hit wonder allegations EVERY TIME. she is so here to stay. go argue with the wall. vampire hit of the summer.” She’s definitely not wrong.

Directed by photographer Petra Collins, the music video begins with foggy forest views, taking elements from one of Rodrigo’s favourite movies, ‘Twilight.’

The music video then takes a turn as her dreamy ‘Twilight’ fantasy falls apart. A stage light crashing down on her leaves her bloody and embarrassed.

The video then captures Rodrigo running from the hands of security, makeup smudged, hair a mess.

Minutes after the song dropped, fans came together to dissect the lyrics, theorising who the song could possibly be about. Considering the raw pain and passion apparent in this first song, we are anxiously awaiting the new heartbreak album of the year!

Guts is set to release on the 8th of September. Turn it up and listed to “Vampire” below!

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