Everyone knows k-pop idol Jennie Kim, but what about the visionary behind one of her most recent looks? Ruby Pedder, a 22-year-old artist/designer from Sydney, Australia. She’s making waves in the industry with her unique approach to design.

Credit: rubepedder

Recently, Ruby experienced a breakthrough moment in her career. Jennie Kim, a member of the globally renowned girl group Blackpink, wore one of her designs during a performance in Sydney. Kim wore a two-piece set from Pedder’s resort 2024 collection. The endorsement from such a prominent figure in the fashion world is a testament to Ruby’s growing influence and the universal appeal of her creations.

Ruby’s designs, hailed as “dreamy,” embody the essence of “casual couture” or “street couture”. Drawing inspiration from various sources, she finds excitement in everything around her, whether it’s an artwork, a song, a movie, or even a random thought that pops into her mind. Consequently, her passions fuel her design process as she finds inspiration in the work of iconic couture designers. Such as Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Thierry Mugler, and Vivienne Westwood. Ruby admires their originality, the storytelling in their collections, and the fusion of fashion and art.

In addition, her brand, Rube Pedder released its debut collection. Called, Handle With Care, is stands as a testament to her artistic vision. The collection challenges the stereotypes prevalent in women’s fashion and explores unconventional shapes, prints, and fabrications. Inspired by surrealism, ‘riot grrrl’ culture, and Vivienne Westwood, Ruby crafts pieces that seamlessly blend ethereal and grounded elements. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and lockdowns, Ruby’s talent and determination earned her recognition as one of the top 10 designers at the 2022 National Graduate Showcase at PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Ruby’s Story

Credit: Vogue Australia

Growing up in a family immersed in creativity, Ruby was exposed to various artistic disciplines. Such as architecture, graphic design, painting, and printmaking. Her grandmother, who lived on a farm in a craft-focused community, taught her the art of embroidery and textile creation. Surrounded by art, music, and creativity, Ruby evidently found her passion in fashion design, where all her influences could converge.

In addition to her success as a designer, Ruby is passionate about sustainability. Ruby naturally embodies the principles of slow fashion. With her meticulous design process and unwavering focus on craftsmanship, she creates each piece with care and precision. She aims to create garments that are not trend-based or seasonal, but timeless couture pieces that will be cherished and not discarded.

Looking ahead, Ruby remains open to new opportunities and collaborations. She is exploring the world of costume design and continuing to push the boundaries of art and fashion. Ruby Pedder emerges as a dynamic and formidable designer. With a unique ability to blur the lines between art and fashion, she fearlessly leaves her mark on the industry through her enchanting and rebellious creations.

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