Presenting the Dior Tears Capsule. A collaboration between French fashion house, Christian Dior, and the up and coming streetwear label, Denim Tears. A series of global pop-up stores give luxury shoppers the opportunity to purchase items from the collection, first seen in the Dior Men’s Fall 2023 collection in Egypt from December last year.

Credit: Dior

The collection is reportedly inspired by the early 19th century and the history of Jazz, along with the segregation and art that came from it according to an official press release. And to no surprise, it’s  heavily centred around denim. Denim Tears designer, Tremaine Emory, describes it as a reminder of the french origins of the fabric. A time where fashion and cultural movements flourished as African-American musicians travelled to Europe to perform their Jazz.

We see lots of classic Dior pieces such as the Saddle Bag, the Dior Lingot, and the B33 Sneakers in reimagined workwear-inspired materials. In addition, we also see some staples of Denim Tears such as their bucket hats, peace sign, wreath and varsity lettering.

As a result, Dior Tears offers casual elegance along with streetwear influences.

Credit: Dior

The London Pop Up

Among the four pop-up locations, London is the first. Being the only location in Europe, I suspect the event to be a success as it runs from the 8th to the 13th this month. Dior has created a sense of exclusivity with such a small window of opportunity for its customers to access the products in person.

“London obviously holds a special place for me, it’s the home of menswear and it’s such a fabulous place to look at fashion. I’m very happy to launch the Dior Tears capsule collection here in London, which is my home, with my friends and all the people that are important to me”. Dior menswear designer, Kim Jones, tells WWD

The event is being hosted at Phonica Record. A twenty year old independent record shop located in the heart of London.

Credit: Dior

The reportedly “immersive and multi-sensory experience” involves a room filled with huge inflatables. The “balloons” featuring the “Dior Tears” logo in the classic Nicolas Cochin font and floral artwork. Along side the inflatables sit an array of mid-century modern furniture, video-projected shots, and of course, the designs.

“Visitors to the space will be able to download a digital production elaborated by artist Azuma Makoto’s studio. Intersecting art, fashion, eras and cultures and a crossroad.” according to Hypebeast

To further enhance the experience, a playlist created by Emory plays in the background. Which supposedly showcases an alternative universe where sounds, shadows and lights are perceived differently.

While plenty of Dior customers have already pro-ordered the collection earlier in the year, others continue to visit the in-person display for access to unseen add-ons. Supposedly almost all the decorations in the store are Dior, such as the homeware and books.

Dior Tears in Asia

Each pop-up will have different installations, although all incorporating the large inflatable seen in the London boutique. In order of starting dates, we get Tokyo from July 11th to 30th. Then Seoul from July 13th to 22nd. and Lastly, Shanghai from July 15th to 25th.

The Dior Men’s Fall 2023 show in Egypt from December 2022 was the first sighting of the looks. See a video of the show down below.

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