Over the course of the next year, Disney+ plans to add a various films and series from East Asia, spanning a variety of genres and eras, to its platform.

“Moving” | Credit: NME

Now more than ever, Disney+ is beginning to show us how it plans to cater to a global audience with new high-quality Korean content. In this article, we take a look into, and introduce the best upcoming K-dramas and documentaries set to arrive over the next 12 months.

1. Moving

Get ready for the 9th of August! Immerse yourself in the exciting world of “Moving,” a riveting Korean drama series. The show draws inspiration from the popular webtoon by acclaimed author Kang Full. The action-packed series centres on a band of superheroes running from the government and a mysterious assassin.


In today’s Korea, those with extraordinary skills must keep them secret to safeguard their loved ones from harm and exploitation.

The story delves into their lives as they face danger and adventure, in a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Featuring a brilliant cast and intriguing premise, “Moving” looks like a thrilling ride with just the right amount of superpower, suspense, and emotional moments.


Ryu Seung-ryong from “Kingdom,” Han Hyo-Joo from “Happiness,” and the long-awaited return of Zo In-sung to K-drama all-star in the series. Lee Jung-ha, Go Youn-Jung, Kim Dohoon, and others also lend their talents to the performances – ensuring an unforgettable series.


Prepare for an enthralling ride as “Moving” unfolds over 20 episodes.

Seven episodes are set to debut on August 9th, with two more airing weekly for the next five weeks. An exciting climax spread across three episodes wraps up the series.


The compelling plot, strong acting, and Disney+ backing make “Moving” a potential breakout hit in the drama genre. On August 9th, you can begin this thrilling journey full of superpowers, suspense, and family dynamics. Get ready to be moved by “Moving.”


2. The Worst Of Evil 

Left-Right: Ji Chang-wook, Lim Se-mi, Wi Ha-joon | Credit: NME

Prepare to immerse yourself in the gritty underworld of 1990s Seoul. “The Worst of Evil” is an upcoming crime drama series set to premiere exclusively on Disney+. It follows the story of a rural police officer recruited to assist in dismantling a dangerous trafficking gang responsible for distributing a potent new drug.


“The Worst of Evil” is a thrilling journey set in 1980s South Korea, where undercover police investigators infiltrate a massive criminal organisation involved in the illegal drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan.

Exploring themes of deception, loyalty, and the pursuit of justice, the series delves into the intricate dynamics of the investigation.


Officer Park Joon-mo, played by Ji Chang-Wook, showcases the actor’s range and charisma. Lim Se-mi plays narcotics officer Yoo Eui-Jung. He teams up with Park Joon-mo, to work by his side. Wi Ha-joon, who shines in “Squid Game,” plays the mysterious kingpin of the criminal organisation Jung Ki-cheol. Their dramatic turns bring the characters to life and is sure to be a captivating depiction of Korea’s underworld.


Han Dong-wook has previously directed the critically acclaimed movies “Man in Love” (2014) and “The Unjust” (2010). “The Worst of Evil” promises to deliver intense action, suspenseful storytelling, and nuanced character development. With the director’s extensive experience, the show is sure to be a visually stunning and emotionally engaging feat.


Disney+ has announced that the highly anticipated premiere is coming sometime in 2023. This crime-action drama provides a riveting story, and some insight into the difficulties people faced in 1980’s Korea.


3. BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star

Get ready to dive deep into the incredible journey of global K-pop sensation BTS in the highly anticipated documentary, “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star.” Released exclusively on Disney+ in the second half of 2023, this fascinating documentary offers a rare glimpse into the nine-year development of BTS.


Produced in collaboration between Hybe (formerly known as BigHit Music) and Disney+, “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star” offers an intimate exploration of the group’s rise to stardom. Fans are able to gain insight into the development, challenges, and successes of each member of BTS. This is done through exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes moments.


This documentary stands as a testament to the immense global impact of the boy band. As a result of their innovative sound and electrifying live shows, BTS is busy winning over fans all over the world.


The purpose of “BTS Monuments” is to tell the story of the group’s meteoric rise to fame as a musical phenomenon of the twenty-first century. It highlights the hard work, skill, and dedication that helped them achieve this status.

Fans of BTS can be sure that this insightful documentary is going to be an emotional and inspiring look at the group’s rise to fame. Get ready for an up-close and personal look at the band’s development – from their days as trainees to their rise to record-breaking fame.


Hybe and Disney+ working together is a testament to the worldwide influence of BTS in the music industry. The brand new feature documentary is set to air to millions more people, broadening appreciation for BTS’ skill, passion, and creativity.


“BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star” is an absolute must-watch for ARMY (BTS’s fanbase) and music enthusiasts alike. It provides a rare chance to learn about the extraordinary lives of seven pioneers whose achievements have inspired a whole new generation. Prepare for an emotional ride as this documentary takes you beyond the star and into the heart and soul of BTS. It showcases their undeniable talent and the powerful connection they share with their fans worldwide.


4. Vigilante

Credit: Screen Binge 

In the second half of the year, Disney+ will debut “Vigilante,” an intense and compelling Korean drama series. Kim Jiyong is a young man who, after witnessing the brutal murder of his mother when he was young, sets out on a relentless quest for revenge in this gripping television series.

Kim Jiyong has become a dedicated martial artist and an exemplary police academy student since the traumatic incident. However, Jiyong’s desire for justice takes a dark turn when he runs into his mother’s attacker again after they are released. His resolve is so firm that he turns into a vigilante and sets out to right the wrongs caused by lawbreakers.


Choi Jeong-yeol’s “Vigilante” is a thrilling story full of action, suspense, and ethical questions.

This series examines the complexities of justice and the toll it takes on an individual’s psyche, drawing inspiration from the same-name webcomic by CRG and Kim Kyusam.


Nam Joohyuk stars as the title character Jiyong, giving the role a level of nuance and intensity. With actors like Jo Heon, Lee Junhyuk, and Kim Sojin, “Vigilante” has a cast that can hold viewers’ attention for the entire show.


The limited number of episodes (eight altogether) allows for in-depth storytelling. Jiyong’s arc as a vigilante and the repercussions he faces are explored in greater depth with each subsequent episode.


Choi Jeong-yeol’s skilled direction and the compelling storyline of “Vigilante” will surely win over moviegoers. Jiyong’s quest for vengeance is a thrilling and thought-provoking ride for viewers.


You’ll want to put the release of “Vigilante” on Disney+ on your calendars. This riveting Korean drama series is set to deliver a compelling story that examines the moral complexities of vigilantism, vengeance, and justice. Get ready for a riveting and exciting show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


5. Han River Police

Left-Right: Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won | Credit: NME

Get ready for “Han River Police,” a brand new Korean drama series on Disney+ with a stellar cast and a riveting premise. This thrilling show follows two very different police officers working together to solve the mysteries they encounter while on patrol along the Han River in Seoul.


Han Dujin, a hot-tempered serjeant of the Han River Police Force (Kwon Sang-woo, known for his roles in “Stairway to Heaven” and “Curtain Call”) and “Unlocked” star Kim Hee-won, who plays Lee Chunseok, is a laid-back lieutenant with a completely different personality. 


Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Hee-won’s direction of “Han River Police” promises an exciting mix of action, humour, and unconventional crime-solving in the tradition of the classic buddy cop film.

Both comedic relief and tense action sequences are sure to arise, thanks to the contrasting personalities of the two police officers.


The dramatic plots, fascinating characters, and beautiful setting of Seoul’s Han River in “Han River Police” will captivate viewers. Watching the cops deal with crises will be like riding a roller coaster full of suspense, excitement, and unexpected turns.


You won’t want to miss the premiere of “Han River Police” on Disney+. This captivating Korean drama series delves into the exciting world of crime-solving on the Han River and the exciting adventures and camaraderie of the officers who work there.


6. Soundtrack #2

“Soundtrack #2” raised expectations! The first season of the show “Soundtrack #1”, stars Park Hyung-Sik and Han So-hee. It tells the story of Eunsoo (Han So-hee), who takes a job to write lyrics for a song by a famous composer. But her lyrics lack the emotion of unrequited love and are therefore rejected.

One day, Eunsoo finds out that Sunwoo (cast by Park Hyung-sik) has a crush on someone.

So she seeks help from Sunwoo in helping with her with the lyrics while he lives at her house. Although the show is only 4 episodes, it is delicately portrayed. It is popular with the audience, and many drama fans also knocked on the second season! The good news is that a second season of “Soundtrack # 2” is also starring a new lineup.

The new story is about the lead singer “Xianrui” and the keyboard player “Guardian” who meet and fell in love with the university orchestra. They date for 6 years but then they graduate. After leaving society, the pressure of life causes the two to break up. After 4 years, the two meet again. Can they rekindle the spark of love this time?


7. A Shop For Killers

Left-Right: Lee Dong Wook, Kim Hye | Credit: Hello K Pop

Prepare for a thrilling and action-packed ride with the upcoming Korean drama series, “A Shop For Killers”. It is set to premiere exclusively on Disney+ in 2024. This captivating series delves into a world filled with murders, mysteries, and assassination attempts that ensnare a college student named Jeong Jian after her uncle’s unexpected death.


Following her uncle’s supposed suicide, Jeong Jian receives a startling call from the local police. Determined to uncover the truth, she discovers a mysterious online shopping mall. This  leads her into a dangerous web of skilled assassins and deadly pursuits. With gunfire, murder drones, and relentless pursuit, Jian fights for survival as she unravels the secrets surrounding her uncle’s death.


the show stars Lee Dongwook as Jeong Jin-man, Jian’s enigmatic uncle, and Kim Hye Jun as Jeong Jian, the college student on the run from lethal assassins. “A Shop For Killers” truly showcases the talents of these much-loved stars. Lee Dongwook, known for his roles in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” brings intrigue and mystery to his character. While Kim Hye Jun, seen in “Connect” and “Kingdom,” portrays Jian’s determination and resilience in the face of danger.

Based on the famous original Korean novel by Kang Jiyoung and written by Ji Hojin and Lee Kwon, “A Shop For Killers” promises a gripping narrative filled with twists and turns.

Director Lee Kwon is famous for his work on “Door Lock” and “Save Me 2″. This new series is set to deliver intense action sequences and a suspenseful atmosphere, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.


Mark your calendars for 2024 as “A Shop For Killers” arrives exclusively on Disney+. This adrenaline-fueled series is set to deliver a thrilling and immersive viewing experience, blending mystery, action, and suspense in a world where survival is paramount.


8. Red Swan

Left-Right: Kim Ha-neul, Jeong Jihun | Credit The Hollywood Reporter

Prepare to be swept away by the highly anticipated romantic revenge series, “Red Swan,” coming soon to Disney+. This high-profile Korean drama boasts a star-studded cast. Kim Ha-neul and Jeong Jihun, also known as Rain, lead the way.


“Red Swan,” tells the captivating story of Oh Wansoo, portrayed by Kim Ha-neul; a woman who rises from an impoverished background to become a world-class golfer. Her talent catches the attention of Kim Yongguk, played by Jeong Gyeoun, the heir to the Hwain Group. Desperate to clear her mother’s debt, Wansoo agrees to marry Yongguk. But her happiness soon fades when she discovers his infidelity.

Despite the challenges, she remained married for over a decade, determined to make it work. However, her life takes a dramatic turn on the night of her debut appearance as a Goodwill Ambassador in Manila. Caught in a hail of gunfire, she narrowly escapes. She does so with the help of the company bodyguard, Seo Doyoon (Jeong Jihun). As Wansoo develops feelings for Doyoon, she questions her entire life. Little does she know that Doyoon has his own hidden motivations, an entanglement with the Hwain Group. Written by Choi Yoonjung and directed by Park Hongkyun, “Red Swan” promises a compelling blend of romance, revenge, and suspense. 

While the specific release date for “Red Swan” is yet to be revealed, fans can anticipate its arrival within 2023.

The combination of a compelling storyline, a talented cast, and the backing of Disney+ sets the stage for a remarkable viewing experience.


Stay tuned for the “Red Swan” launch on Disney+. It is sure to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster full of romance, suspense, and a quest for revenge. Immerse yourself in this enthralling Korean drama that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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