Monday the 10th of July brought us news of an inspiring partnership with Prada and the Women’s National Football Team. As the FIFA Women’s World Cup descends upon us later this month, we have an insight into what this partnership entails.

Credit: Euronews

Think black blazer, matching suit pants, the famous Prada loafers and a relaxed, collared, button-down. The look ignites a reinvention and transformation of Prada’s image and the China Women’s National Football Team. The image paired with the announcement went viral, reaching 300 million viewers on Weibo. Since this time, it has sparked conversations around female empowerment in sports and fashion.

“The China Women’s Football Team has forged a global reputation and is a source of inspiration for young female athletes, focusing public and institutional attention on a democratic and inclusive sport,” Prada says in a statement.

What do China Women’s National Football Team stand for?

Credit: WWD

Above all, the China Women’s National Football Team, a.k.a the Steel Roses, is famous for its world-class reputation. It is well-loved by the public for that reason. The club stands for inclusivity and is globally recognised for its talents. China women’s team won silver medals at the 1996 Summer Olympics and the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Who are they Versing?

Their opponents are the likes of Denmark, Haiti and England. “Europe is at the forefront of women’s football’s development. There is a significant gap between us and European teams,” said Shui Qingxia, the Chinese football manager of the team.

This announcement has come at the perfect time – as China Women’s National Football Team arrived in Australia on the 8th of July to participate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. A crowd of fans awaited the teams’ arrival, singing to the players, “Steel Roses, come on China.” 

The FIFA Cup is running from July 20 to August 20. Saturday the 22nd is their first match, up against Denmark, at 10 pm.