BTS member, Jungkook releases the fastest song in history to reach #1 on iTunes while also being the first Korean soloist to top the Spotify charts with his single “Seven”.

Photo: HYBE Labels

The single hit the public on 14th July, feat. Grammy-nominated rapper, Latto. The single celebrates love, encouraging listeners to passionately love your partner seven days a week.

Jungkook released both a clean and explicit version of the song, making fans go wild with the flirty lyrics accompanied by the fun and energetic vibe of the melody.

In an email interview with Variety, Jungkook spills his inspirations and thoughts on the single.

“Upon hearing ‘Seven,’ I thought, This is it. After that I focused on practicing and recording the track multiple times to perfect it. I hope many people can feel as I felt when I first heard the song”,

he says.

When asked about working with Latto and the Summery vibe of the song, Jungkook says, “I personally like her rapping voice, and I thought her voice adds another layer of liveliness…

“The song does have a breezy Summery vibe. I hope that anyone who listens to ‘Seven’ can have a fun summer whenever they listen to it.”

As the sixth member of the group to release a solo single, Jungkook talks about utilising his solo debut as a way to explore more dimensional sides of himself that he does not show his fans in BTS.

“It’s my offical solo debut, so everything is a challenge and feels new and fresh. Of course, I think a lot about delivering good music and performance while working on my music. But above all, since this is my first step forward in the spotlight as solo artist, I want to show a more mature and grown version of myself,” he says.

Jungkook further teases that he is working hard to release a solo album this year. “It’s early to mention anything specific, but look forward to it!”

The single comes with a fun and comedic music video with currently over 67 million views on YouTube. The clip features Korean actress, Han So-Hee from hit K-Drama “Nevertheless”. The video tells the story of her and Jungkook as strained lovers, with Jungkook trying hard to win her back.

Fans are gushing over seeing Jungkook as the clingy and loving boyfriend type, hanging off trains, almost being run over by a car, and even coming back from the dead just to gain her affections.

The video is beautifully shot and perfectly captures the meaning and fresh aura of the song.

Watch it below!

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