Following Ballet core, Gorp core, and Coquette core, a new TikTok fashion trend enters the building. Introducing: “Blokette” Core.


Have you ever had those days where you don’t know if you want to dress feminine or masculine? Well, look no further because now you can with the new ‘Blokette’ fashion trend.

The term was coined by the podcast Nymphet Alumni and is the perfect fusion of the hyper-feminine ‘Coquette’ style and the sporty, and structured masculine fit of ‘Blokecore.’

Seen on Influencers such as Ruby Lyn and models such as Bella Hadid, the style has many distinguishable staples.

The ‘Coquette’ elements include pastel colour schemes, pleated miniskirts, gingham, dainty fabrics, and bows. Bows everywhere. In your hair, as a necklace, in your belt loops and even a replacement for shoelaces. Bows are definitely a must for this look.

The ‘Bloke core’ side of this style features soccer jerseys, Adidas sneakers, vintage zip-up sport jackets, and matching tracksuits.

The ‘Coquette’ style exudes innocence and girlhood while ‘Bloke core’ is reminiscent of soccer fans and British male culture.

And the Result?


A bold and unique inclusive fashion trend that perfectly combines feminine and masculine micro trends.

The fashion style has spread like wildfire across both TikTok with the hashtag ‘#blokettecore’ being used over 32 million times.

TikTok fashion influencers such as @rae.hersey have utilised their platform to show the countless ways the Blokette trend can be styled. In her video she demonstrates how customisable and easy it is to pull off the look.

The style is definitely an acquired taste. Some TikTok users feeling as though the style is clashes while others think it’s a unique twist on fashion and reclaims the feminine gaze. Others also admire the style’s accessibility for all body shapes and how it blurs the line of gender.

All in all, we agree that Blokette core is here to stay as one of the hottest fashion trends of the year.

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