From the parent company that brought trendy video-sharing app, TikTok, ByteDance has launched a music creation app powered by AI.

Credit: Courtesy of HypeBeast

ByteDance has begun testing a new app called Ripple. It’s currently an iOS-only app, available in the US through closed-invitation beta testing.

According to an article on HypeBeast, the app works by allowing users to create and or edit tracks similar to digital audio workstations such as GarageBand or Ableton Live. The app boasts that it can assist content creators, musicians, or anyone who wishes to delve into music production.

The intention is to assist social media influencers and TikTok users to easily add custom and unique soundtracks to their short-form videos.

In an article by Music Ally, Ripple includes two main features. The first of the two is the “Melody to Song” feature. This enables users to sing or hum a melody into their phone. From there, the app expands on the user’s melody with AI-generated instrumentals suited to any genre.

The Future of AI in Music Making

The second feature is a virtual recording studio that offers users the ability to edit their audio in app, providing a smooth production process.

The length of the song is entirely up to the user. From a thirty-second tune, to a full three minute song, Ripple is able to produce to whatever suits its maker.

As the app continues to be developed, it currently has the ability to create instrumental music outputs only. Techcrunch’s article notes that the company has no comment on whether they plan to include AI-generated lyrics.

Credit: AlternativeTo

ByteDance told Engadget that Ripple respects the rights of its artists and rights holder partners. Furthermore, the model caters towards music that it already owns the license for.

As beta testing is underway, it’s clear that the app has big plans for the evolution of accessible music production. A spokesperson of ByteDance shares their excitement for Ripple to Music Business Worldwide:

“We’re excited to see how creators use Ripple to tap into their creativity to soundtrack their own short-form videos,”

The app is yet to rollout, however, you can request an invite by visiting

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