MSCHF is back again with a new big boot, this time they’ve joined forces with Crocs for an added twist. The 2000’s icon, Paris Hilton posted to her Instagram a series of photos of her “sliving it” in the oversized yellow boots.

Credit: Manifesto

The new MSCHF x Crocs campaign features Hilton rocking the shoes in two yellow outfits. The first is reminiscent of Uma Thurman’s “Kill Bill”. A matching yellow and black leather zip-up top and matching pants. The second outfit is a tight yellow bodysuit with the crystal-encrusted word, “SLIVING” decorated all around her body.

The boots take on the same silhouette as MSCHF’s original Big Red Boots that launched earlier in the year. The Big Red Boots quickly sold out for its fun and quirky shape made to mimic cartoon characters such as Astro Boy. The shoe made waves across social media with celebrities such as Lil Wayne and Diplo donning the boot.

This time the boot features a new design, incorporating Croc’s classic hole-punched toe box and heel strap across the back of the boot.

Credit: Manifesto

Like the original Red Boot, the shoe is likely to receive much attention as well as controversy for the look and practicality of it.

What’s our verdict? The striking shoe is sure to be a success for fans of exclusive and outrageous fashion statements.

Want a pair? The collab is set at $450 USD and will be available via a 24-hour draw at 2PM EDT on August 9th. The draw will be posted on the MSCHF website as well as their sneaker app.

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