The magical world of Japan’s most famous animation company, Studio Ghibli, is taking on denim form.

Credit: snkrdunk

In collaboration with Levi’s, Studio Ghibli announces a new collection. It features scenes from the 1997 anime hit film, “Princess Mononoke”.

Following the film’s sustainable message, the collab emulates the duality between humanity and nature.

The entire range features enchanting scenes from the film. Throughout, it finely integrates Miyazaki’s environmental storytelling directly into its designs.

The items range from denim jackets, jeans, graphic tees, hoodies to overalls and bags. By blending the iconic imagery of “Princess Mononoke” with Levi’s classic denim silhouettes, fans can rock their favourite scenes on themselves.

Paying Tribute to the Characters

Credit: Levi’s

The Levi’s design team aim to mimic the pacing of the film in the clothing. They show us an atmospheric approach to the denim pieces; while the graphic tees and hoodies payed homage to the film’s characters.

Credit: Levi’s

The rhythmic contrast is a stylistic choice. It represents the film’s quiet moments in contrast to its frenetic action sequences. The Levi’s design team want people to see it as “a bit of a love letter” from Levi’s and Studio Ghibli. Their aim is to “capture the beauty of the film and how meaningful the message is”

“We hope that, in seeing the collection, people feel nostalgic for the film. We hope people feel transported into the environment of the clothes. And we hope people feel excited to see their favourite characters, and wear them proudly,” .

“Over 25 years after its release, Princess Mononoke continues to resonate deeply with audiences across the globe as an animated icon,” says Karyn Hillman, chief product officer at Levi Strauss & Co. “It was a joy to collaborate with Studio Ghibli and create such a beautiful collection that pays tribute to this compelling, artistic masterpiece.”

The collection is set to drop globally on August 10th both online and at the Levi’s Harajuku flagship store.

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