Elon Musk has sent shockwaves through the digital landscape with his bold decision to rebrand Twitter. The world-renowned social media platform is bidding farewell to its iconic blue bird logo and embracing a new identity symbolised by the letter X.

Credit: Mashable

The sweeping transformation has been set in motion. With workers visibly taking down the “Twitter” sign at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Inside the building, Musk’s fascination with the twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet has manifested in the renaming of rooms, adopting intriguing titles like “eXposure,” “eXult,” and “s3Xy,” as reported by the reputable New York Times.

This infatuation with the letter X dates back to 1999 when Musk founded X.com, a precursor to the renowned payment platform, PayPal. Interestingly, the X.com domain now redirects to Twitter, signalling Musk’s long-standing association with the letter.

The rebranding commenced overnight, with the website already displaying the bold X logo. The mobile app still retains the familiar blue bird—for now. The official launch of the new logo featured a white X on a striking black background, as the social media giant strides towards its ambitious rebirth as “X.”

The decision to rebrand Twitter is reportedly a key element of Musk’s grand vision to turn the platform into an “everything app.” He aims to amalgamate social media functionalities with messaging and payment services, intending to revolutionise the digital experience for millions of users worldwide.

However, the response to Musk’s audacious move has been a mix of praise and criticism. Some users have hailed the decision as innovative, aligning with Musk’s drive to diversify the platform’s offerings. Others lament the departure of the beloved blue bird, which had become synonymous with the act of “tweeting” on Twitter.


Unsurprisingly, critics have expressed concern. Particularly Esther Crawford, a former head of product at Twitter, refers to the rebranding as “corporate seppuku”—a Japanese term for ritual suicide. Such a bold shift could potentially alienate existing users and damage the company’s image in an already competitive market.

Moreover, users have been quick to point out resemblances between the new logo and other designs, like the “X glyph” from Special Alphabets 4. Critics have also noted that The Simpsons seemed to have predicted this change years ago in an episode.

Amidst the various opinions surrounding the rebranding, one significant challenge has emerged. Securing the Twitter handle “@x”. Meanwhile Gene X. Hwang, the owner of event photo company Orange Photography, has attracted attention for claiming the handle. Negotiations are ongoing, and the outcome remains uncertain.

The transformation of Twitter into “X” is a massive undertaking that carries both potential rewards and risks. Musk’s vision to create an all-encompassing app undoubtedly faces numerous hurdles. From regulatory approvals for financial services to winning over users in a crowded market. While some view this as a bold move that showcases Musk’s innovation, others question the execution and potential fallout.

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