It’s now Day 12 and Roberts takes us to some of his favourite places in Paris. Including a very salacious sex club “Les Chandelles”, the most notorious place in all of France.

Credit: Youtube, Fashion Industry Broadcast

In “MY PARIS” film I’m going to share some personal favourite things. Paris’ best luxury Hotels for a luxury Parisian stay, a few of my favourite restaurants and places to eat, possibly the best standout Paris budget Hotel for under $200 a night, and one of Paris’ most decadent hidden attractions that is not on the regular ‘vanilla’ Tourist maps or guides.

But trigger alert it is definitely Not Safe for Work! In order the maximise the full Parisian experience you want to choose your lodging carefully. It should be in location close to the main attractions and it should be a sensual overload of luxury. As nowhere does luxury quite like Paris.

If any city in the world were oversaturated with 5+ Star ultra luxury hotels, it’d be Paris. Many of these notables are more like Palaces that Hotels. From revamped pensions that once lodged some of the city’s most notorious down-and-out bohèmes to more recent five-star openings and refreshes, catering to a wealthy international crowd, there are innumerable fun (and very glamorous) places to bed down in the French capital. My current pick for Paris’s best Hotel is not even French it’s from an Asian chain.

The Peninsula group. Mon dieu !! Sacre bleu !!! I hear you shout. After sitting empty for decades, a former 1908 hotel has been transformed into the first Parisian outpost for the Hong Kong-based Peninsula brand—and it’s genuinely one of Paris’s newest Palace-grade hotels.

80 DAYS Series

In “80 DAYS”, starting from his home base of Sydney, adventurer and Award winning film maker Paul G Roberts, retraces the global footsteps of Phileas Fogg, hero of Jules Verne’s most famous work, “Around the World in 80 Days”, and this time around Roberts is not going to spend half his time out at sea on Steamers as Fogg did, instead he does a deep dive on history, art and culture of the cities he visits, and he captures and records his global adventures for a new 80 Episode TV series.

@Fashionindustrybroadcast ​ Making an Award winning film is no small feat. Roberts has no less than 16 Best picture wins from major international Film festivals to his credit. Usually it takes a great story, a team of highly skilled artisans. Writers, producers, a great director, editors, actors and usually a pile of money. And even then it takes a decent amount of luck and a lot of dedication for it to realise the promise it had on paper. There are a million things that can derail the project. The degree of difficulty is amplified many times over when it has ambitions to become a series. But for one person to attempt to all of this solo, is for most experts just insanity. In this new 80 episode solo ‘Round the World’ Series, Award winning filmmaker and travel lover Paul G Roberts attempts to do the impossible, in which he is the writer, director, producer, star, presenter, camera / sound / lighting / drone cam operator and financier. Everything but the editing.


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