Celebrity owned and managed fashion brand, Drake Related, has graced us with yet another interesting designs. Through a collaboration with small business, Defective Garments, customers are offered a range of unique hoodies made from reworked vintage Nike fabrics.

Credit: Drake Related

Pictured above, you’ll see a screenshot from the Drake Related website.

His website offers up to date details on the rappers music, merch, tours, and collabs. It uses a unique system that allows you to peruse items scattered around Drakes virtual mansion. Rooms in the house include Out Front, Pool, Studio, Bedroom, Closet, Lounge, and El Chico Studios.

When you click the white dots, you’re redirected to a purchase or information page powered by Shopify. However, the house is filled with easter eggs and and secrets just for you to find. Even more of a reason to spend hours on it.

The pieces from the collaboration are hang from one of the many clothing racks on the set. Theres a black sweatshirt, and a lilac, cream and khaki colour way hoodie. Exact mini replicas of the real designs; one of which pictured below.

Credit: Instagram @defective_garments

Drake Related has a history of collaborating with unusual but cool businesses, such as Elder Statesman, Krink and Funboy. Some of those products include paint markers, cashmere leisure lines, and pool accessories. Hence no surprise why Drake Related is working with a creative brand like Defective Garments.

“Defective Garments’ upcycle[d] designs, embrace the creative, sustainable craftsmanship of upcycle design” Drake Related’s announcement on Instagram reads.

The product prices range from $150 to $170 USD. Unfortunately they’re currently unavailable on the website. After selling out in under an hour, the resellers have already hit the market. With the purple and green hoodie listed online by many. Resell prices range from $300 to $800 USD. It’s not clear if we’ll get another drop or if thats it.

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