The HBO adult drama series “The Idol” has been at the centre of controversy since its release. The Weeknd and Jennie appear as co-stars, and criticism stems mainly from its excessive nudity and Jennie’s bold performance. Originally planned for 6 episodes, the show was abruptly cut short due to the negative feedback.

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Recently, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Bad Bunny put out a new song, “K-POP.” The song features on rapper Travis Scott’s upcoming album “Utopia”. Initially, there was controversy due to its cover resembling the Japanese flag. After its release, the song’s lyrics seem to hint at a one-night stand with a K-pop idol, leading to intense discussions. Fans of BLACKPINK are questioning whether the female protagonist in “K-POP” is referring to BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

The Weeknd’s New Song – “K-POP”

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The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Bad Bunny collaborate on the new song “K-POP,” set to appear in Travis Scott’s upcoming album. The release date is not public knowledge yet, but “K-POP” is out ahead of time, along with its official music video featuring a summery and leisurely vacation vibe. The video also includes guest appearances from famous figures like designer / Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M Williams, Pharrell Williams, SZA, and others.

The song’s lyrics depict The Weeknd having a one-night stand with a Korean female idol. The lyrics mention the female star calling his name in Cannes and Saint-Tropez. And later, they both attend a yacht party in the south of France and engage in a one-night stand. The Weeknd sings lines such as: “You in Cannes and Saint-Tropez callin’ out my name,” “You know I’m high off that K-Pop,” “Love when she’ll call me ‘Papi’ even though she Korean,” and “this ain’t some little yatchy.” Many netizens believe that the female lead in “K-POP” is BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and they are angry at the objectification of the female character.

Some netizens find the lyrics quite realistic. Reports state that Jennie and The Weeknd got to know each other through “The Idol,” and they attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival together to promote the show in May. The Weeknd also seems to know only Jennie among K-pop idols.

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The show also contains explicit dialogues, such as a scene in the second episode where Jennie’s character asks The Weeknd’s character about another girl’s (played by Lily-Rose Depp) skills in bed. The Weeknd replies, “Baby, no one’s better than you,” and this dialogue has attracted considerable attention on Korean internet forums.

However, some people argue that these lyrics are merely an extension of their characters in the show and cannot be taken as a confirmation of any real-life event. Yet, others point out that The Weeknd often draws from personal experiences when writing songs, making it highly likely that he had a fling with Jennie!

“The Idol”

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BLACKPINK member Jennie appeared in the American series “The Idol” this year; alongside second-generation star Lily-Rose Depp and rapper The Weeknd. Although the plot does not live up to the earlier expectations, Jennie’s performance in the show got considerable praise. Despite some fans not understanding why she took on such a vulgar series, the emotional twists in her acting showcase her determination to venture into Hollywood.

Jennie’s participation in “The Idol” is controversial, she received harsh criticism from foreign media for having the most pointless role in the series, with no apparent rivalry between the two female leads. She merely left with a single line, “Is Jocelyn causing trouble?” without showcasing the character’s ambitions and desires to climb up the ladder. Media outlets questioned the necessity of her character. There is a suggestion that The Weeknd only used Jennie’s popularity for publicity.


In addition to concerns about her acting, there is a scene where Jennie performs a suggestive dance with two foreign dancers. Some fans called out the revealing dance attire unacceptable. Despite this, Jennie took on the role willingly, stating that there are things she wanted to express. Due to disappointment among viewers regarding meaningless sex scenes and slow plot development, the original 6-episode series was cut short, ending after only 5 episodes in the first season.

Jennie and her Controversy

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In fact, Jennie is no stranger to controversies. These range from past relationships to underwhelming performances in Europe, Asian venues, and other issues. Despite her rising popularity, she also faces numerous criticisms from haters. People seem to be waiting for her to stumble. Earlier this year, her state at the airport raised concerns, though things are seeming to improve recently. Still, many display concern about her mental state.

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Following the news of her apparent relationship with BTS member V last year, she received criticism from V’s fans after being spotted walking along the Seine River in Paris. They flooded her Instagram with negative comments, accusing her of using V’s popularity for attention. Some even called for her to quit BLACKPINK, especially since her contract renewal was still uncertain.

This situation not only affects Jennie’s image as she enters the American entertainment industry. It also subjects her to further attacks from haters. Even regular netizens express frustration at the continuous backlash she receives. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Jennie in the upcoming weeks, that’s for sure!

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