Luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton drops a collaboration with streetwear brand KidSuper for an innovative FW23 collection that includes an ingenious camera bag functioning as both bag and camera.

Credit: Luxury Launches

On the exterior, the bag resembles a vintage hand-held film camera, a boxy shape with a camera lens sticking out from the front.

The bag also has a cylindrical handle on the bottom to assist in holding the camera when shooting as well as a crossbody and handle strap when on the go. Of course the bag is not complete without LV’s iconic iconography covering the bag.

The bag is spacious, providing wearers with generous compartments for their must-have items, accessories and even camera gear.

Credit: Highsnobiety

Colm Dillane, founder of the label KidSuper took to Instagram to explain the bag.

The camera function of the bag works by connecting to a smartphone. This allows for any video cot play directly to a phone screen. The Instagram post further reveals a P.O.V shot of the camera’s view as it displays during Paris Fashion Week.

“One of my favorite pieces from the Louis Vuitton collection. The camera bag not only works as a bag but we also works as a camera… Pretty amazing. This unfortunately didn’t make mass production but this amazing,”

says Dillane in an Instagram post.

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Since the announcement of Dillane as a guest designer for Louis Vuitton, the bag is definitely the highlight of the FW23 collection.

The bag effectively amalgamates fashion and functionality. It also serves as the perfect companion for fashion enthusiasts and content creators everywhere.

The collaboration pushes the boundaries of innovation and fashion, blending practicality and elegance as well as the luxury and streetwear essence from both brands. And with its limited availability, the bag is sure to become a collector’s dream item.

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