In our third instalment of The Image Makers, we explore a collaborative partnership which is truly unique. It is between revered fashion photographer, Nick Knight and the legendary designer, Alexander McQueen.

Credit: Youtube, Fashion Industry Broadcast

The partnership runs deeper than a professionally advantageous collaboration, presenting if you will, a merger of minds. The imagery and artwork produced in the twelve years that Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen worked together blurred boundaries, and continually pushed conservative norms; exemplifying the brilliant results that can result from two creative geniuses joining forces.

A Merger of Avant-garde Proportions

British fashion photographer, Knight, is widely known for his innovative and avant-garde style. McQueen, as a designer, is one of the most influential visionaries of his generation. He founded his eponymous label in 1992 and gained significant recognition for his work, including winning British Designer of the Year four times.

Alexander McQueen’s vision inspired millions, and few were as personally moved as his longterm collaborator, Nick Knight, who has since continually honoured him over the years, through images, films celebrating his life and exhibitions dedicated to their work together.

 “I just want to be a wallflower.” McQueen once told the Guardian. “Nondescript. Just not anything. I don’t want to see me.”

McQueen’s tragic death in 2010 greatly impacted the fashion industry.

Knight and McQueen are both trailblazers in their respective fields. In their hands, fashion, flesh and form are as malleable as each roll of fabric, length of film or digital file. The unique flaws of life are a thing of beauty, and debris unseen is a work of high art. The harmonious working relationship between the pair, and resulting projects, are sure to stand the test of time.

Directed by Paul G Roberts, written by Chitti Lardi, edited by Rebecca Andreis.

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