Sotheby’s is paying tribute to the iconic frontman of the British Rock Band, Queen. With an exclusive exhibition titled “Freddie Mercury: A World Of His Own.”

Credit: Sky News

There’s no denying Freddie Mercury’s impact on the music and fashion world. And there’s always an excuse to celebrate the Queen frontman’s legacy.

Taking place in London, the exhibition offers an intimate look at Mercury’s public and personal life. How? Through a fabulous collection of his private items. These items range from musical instruments to personal paperwork, photographs, clothing and more.

The exhibition gives viewers an exclusive look at Mercury’s on-stage wardrobe, handwritten “Bohemian Rhapsody” lyrics, and a collection of his artworks by Salvador Dali.

Credit: Sky News

Mercury’s belongings come to the public by close friend, Mary Austin, with part of the money raised from the auction going to two Aids charities.

His infamous baby grand piano, responsible for classics such as “We Are The Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, is the centrepiece of the exhibition.

Other exhibit highlights include his crown and cloak ensemble from “The Magic Tour” in 1986 and a red kimono covered with fans.

Each of Sotheby’s 15 galleries offers its own space. Within each space, a different aspect of Mercury’s life is on display. This allows visitors to walk through recreations of his bedroom, bar and dining room.

History in the Making

Credit: Sky News

As per Sky News, Sotheby’s European chairman, Oliver Barker says they’ve had fans crying and fainting, and people coming from all over the world. Some fans even dressing up in Queen memorabilia just to see the exhibition.

“I think that there is something a little bit different about this,” he says.

“I think that because Freddie is just so revered, and I think we’re showing the private side of his life, conversely with public life, which has never been explored before. So I genuinely think this is a piece of archaeological history-making, happening now.”

The exhibition runs from August 4th to September 5th and is free to the public with no booking necessary. Following the exhibit, the items are going on to be sale across six dedicated auctions. The first evening sale goes live on 6th of September, 2023.

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