French Fashion House, Lanvin, is once again undergoing a significant transformation. With Bruno Sialelli’s departure earlier this year, the creative direction of Lanvin’s collections was left in limbo. Lets have a look at their Resort 2024 Collection to see where the brand is heading. 

Credit: Vogue

As we anticipate news of a new creative director to be announced in the coming fall, the responsibility for Lanvin’s seasonal collections has temporarily fallen to its in-house studio. The Resort 2024 collection, encompassing both womenswear and menswear (classified as Spring 2024 for menswear), embodies the vision of CEO Siddhartha Shukla for a “restoration of the ultimate chic.”

Established as one of the older fashion maisons in Paris, Lanvin seeks to embody its enduring legacy and prestige through these intermediate collections, aiming for heightened sophistication while maintaining relevance.

The new collection features beautifully crafted silk dresses with Art Deco accents, chain mail accessories and sequin patterns. We also see intricate knits and streamlined silhouettes. Moreover, skirt pleats make an appearance, paying homage to the brand’s archives.

Credit: WWD

A palette spanning delicate blacks, light blues, and absinthe green graces these pieces. The designs have touches of glamour through embroidered details and fitting accessories. All in all, the designs fit the body, displaying clean lines and expert craftsmanship.

The menswear still carries that confidences and elegance, however it shies away from flashy details. Instead, Lanvin uses clean lines with understated styling to project the image. The collection neither takes a giant leap nor hesitates timidly; it exudes an air of optimism and self-assuredness.

Siddhartha Shukla highlighted the brand’s steadfast commitment to its product strategy reset initiated a year prior, aligning its offerings with the intrinsic elegance and sophistication of Lanvin while catering to contemporary needs. A glance at the pieces displayed in the grand Paris showroom reveals that clients will be seeking effortless yet stylish choices for day and night come spring.

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