The iconic British footwear brand is joining forces with the renowned design school, Central Saint Martins to support a new generation of emerging designers.

Credit: CRASH Magazine

As part of Dr. Martens’ “All Access Summer” campaign, five fashion students were selected by course director, Fabio Piras and Dr. Martens.

The students include Francesca Lake, Jude Hinojosa, Xuesong Yang, Lauren Patchett, and Jad Jreissati.

Each student received a financial bursary and the task of interpreting the campaign. Then, they  with unique designs that take inspiration from the collection, embodying Dr. Martens’ rebellious spirit. The collection celebrates the first open Summer, a Summer where nothing is off-limits.

The university, that sits in London, holds its status as the most successful fashion institute in the UK. It nurtures the creative minds of Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and John Galliano. The result of this partnership? A series of designs that truly push the limits in showcasing Dr. Martens’ essence.

Inventive and Resourceful

In a press release, Fabio Piras says, “my role as Course Director is to shape students to be critical and resilient, whilst believing in their creativity and talent.

“All of these elements run parallel to Dr. Martens’ ethos and spirit, and this partnership has provided an opportunity for my students to interpret a brief from another perspective, another angle, which is a hugely valuable skill to learn. That’s why we’re here, to continue learning and building the students’ portfolios, experience and inspiration, and long may it continue.”

The end designs are all uniquely crafted to each student’s interpretation and skillset. The variety of materials and silhouettes perfectly highlighting Dr. Martens spirit and what their new campaign has in store.

“We are so proud to partner with this powerhouse of originality and imagination shining a light on designers who have travelled from around the world to hone their craft in London, the home to so many internationally-known designers.”

Says Dr. Martens’ creative director, Darren McKoy.

“It has been a pleasure to see the inventive and resourceful designs of the students and how they have interpreted the Dr. Martens All Access Summer. I can see each reaching new heights in their careers. Francesca, Xuesong, Jad, Lauren and Jude, watch this space.”

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