If you’re an avid TikTok user, you are probably familiar with all the “cores”. “Cottage core”, “coquette core,” “gorp core,” and many more. Well, we are introducing a new “core,” enter: Tomato Girl core or Tomato Girl Summer.

Credit: Teen Vogue

In case you were wondering, no, this trend has nothing to do with tomatoes. Or any fruit for that matter. The name “Tomato Girl Summer” combines Megan the Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” with Gen Z’s unique way of labelling different style trends.

The aesthetic of the Tomato Girl takes its inspiration from coastal European holidays and the outfits worn when frolicking through Mediterranean villages.

Credit:  Instagram @mexicanfaerie

The tomato aspect of the trend stems from style aesthetics originating from places where tomato-based dishes are popular. Think Santorini beaches, Venice, and Sicily.

A Tomato Girl is all about romanticising slow-paced living. She takes sunset strolls to markets, observes the ocean view from her tiny balcony, and hand makes pasta in a long flowing linen summer dress.

How to Dress For Tomato Girl Summer

Credit: Lisa Says Gah!

Dressing like a Tomato Girl is simple. Its main colour palette, aside from its obvious tomato red, is neutral and earthy. Colours such as beige and brown with small pops of bright primary colours appear frequently.

The Tomato Girl leans towards clothing pieces such as lightweight sun dresses, flowy linen pants, head scarves, espadrilles, woven handbags and more. She also dabbles with patterns and fun graphics whether that be gingham or pinstripe, eyelets or florals and of course, artsy vintage food graphics.

Furthermore, the accessories are most likely vintage, an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Her jewellery strays more to gold metals but can also be delicate silvers. She swears by dainty chains, and small gemstone details.

The silhouette is graceful and elegant, light and breezy. The Tomato Girl is cute and romantic but she is also comfortable in the Summer sun resulting is an effortlessly chic and picturesque look.

Some of our favourite brands that create the perfect Tomato Girl pieces include:

How to achieve the Tomato Girl Makeup Look

Credit: Instagram @HaileyBieber

Like the style, the Tomato Girl’s makeup is minimal and verges on the “no-makeup-makeup” look. Since the Tomato Girl is found strolling in the sun or lounging by the beach, her makeup is kept clean and glowy.

For the perfect Tomato Girl Summer, a touch of concealer, a dabbing of red blush and glowy, glossy lips is all you need. For nights out, the Tomato Girl elevates her look for a few strokes of mascara, a light flick of eyeliner and may add a bold red lip.

Who’s Rocking the Look?

Credit: Teen Vogue

With the look trending all over social media, it’s no surprise that celebs have entered their Tomato Girl Summer. Some of these celebs include Jenner sisters Kendal and Kylie, Hailey Bieber, and Sydney Sweeney.

What’s Our Verdict?

Tomato Girl Summer is a refreshing take on Summer fashion with its versatility and fun silhouettes. From the fun patterns and breezy fabrics to the dainty jewellery and fresh makeup, Tomato Girl Summer is definitely here to stay!

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