Black in Fashion Council and Darian Harvin; the creator of Studio Symoné, have been making moves into the world of beauty.

Credit: Instagram @blackinfashioncouncil

Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles put together the Black in fashion Council. Their aim, is to advocate for and ensure the progress of black people in the fashion and beauty industries.

The Council advocates for and protects the careers of black people in the beauty and fashion sectors.

It imagines a world where black people in the beauty and fashion industries can speak their minds freely; can expect full recognition of their worth and a forum in which their opinions are valued.

By organizing a resilient group of editors, models, stylists, media executives, assistants, freelance creatives, and industry stakeholders, we aim to build a new foundation for inclusivity. For this change to occur, non-Black brands, publications, and people of influence have to carefully examine the roles they’ve played in either helping or hurting Black people who work in these spaces.

Says the site.

As an industry, we cannot continue to claim that we are progressive if we are not working to force diversity and inclusion in corporate structures while rectifying systemically racist policies that have permeated our industry for hundreds of years.

The Vision

Lindsay Peoples, Sandrine Charles, Diarrha Ndiaye | Credit: Surface Mag

They picture workforces with black people amplify at all levels, occupying C-suite and entry-level positions. They have the chance to collaborate with allies to develop diverse settings that accurately depict how the world really is.

The New York Magazine “What It’s Like To Be Black In Fashion”, is now full-fledged movement to bring about a fundamental transformation in the society.

Held at the Standard in East Village, Diarrha N’Diaye, the founder of Ami Colé, cosmetics artist Delina Medhin, Harvin, and Lindsay Peoples and Sandrine Charles, co-founders of the Black in Fashion Council, were among the speakers at the event. Over drinks made with Ten to One rum, they discussed some of the major moves and developments in the business.

Melodie Monrose, Aysha Harun, Kendall Reynolds, Delina Medhin, and more well-known people attended.

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