Sandy Liang is a certified girl’s girl. And we see her vision through her new Spring/Summer 2024 collection; reminiscing girlhood and femininity.

Credit: Fashionista

Since Liang’s arrival in the fashion world pays homage to everything girly. And this time, from its bows to pink ruffles, this collection is no different.

In creating her new looks, Liang references her cult-favourite film: The Virgin Suicides. From director Sofia Coppola, the name of the collection comes from the iconic film.

The characters in Coppola’s film suffer tragic fates. However, Liang looks to their clothing; with its aura of pure girliness and hyper-femininity, as inspiration.

In an article on HypeBeast Liang says that she studies,

“similarly-dressed groups of girls and women, and their shared modes of uniform dressing across time and cultures.”

This permeates through the collection. It displays an unofficial yet omnipresent dress codes amongst women these days.

A Mix on the Runway

Credit: Highsnobiety

The result is gorgeous and whimsical. The ready-to-wear pieces feature Liang’s signature motifs, colour palettes, and silhouettes.

The runway showcased at the garden of the Cooper Hewitt Museum. In the background, plays music from Parker Radcliffe. The runway includes dainty taffeta dresses, skirts with pleats, bows, alongside peter pan collars. Next up, are cropped capri pants and pant suit jackets worn as tops.

The colour scheme stays on theme with baby pinks and blues, navy, cream, and fun splashes of pale yellow and red.

Liang also ventures into the sea. She plays with ‘mermaid-core’, with shells being the main motif.

Liang integrated her distinct details adding a Y2K flare with baby tees short mini skirts. Along with these pieces, models also wore necklaces and earrings constructed out of freshwater pearls and seashells dipped in metal.

The looks were complete with “she sells sea shells by the seaside” makeup and hair. Hairstylist Evanie Frausto gave models damp and slightly wavy hair. The model’s nails and face have rhinestones to imitate barnacles across their skin.

Never Fails to Impress

Credit: Elle

Sandy Liang never fails to impress. And if this collection was a character, Elle magazine describe it as “a blend of Cecilia, the youngest depressed daughter of The Virgin Suicides mixed with a slightly melancholy Ariel.”

Overall, the range is for those girls who grew up play-pretending to be mermaids. If you wish to frolic around in long pink dresses this Spring/Summer season, Sandy Liang has your back.

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