Cupertino, California: Apple hosted its annual iPhone announcement event on Tuesday in its company headquarters at Apple Park. They unveiled one of the iconic iPhone’s most significant design updates in almost a decade. However, it is now clear that Apple didn’t want to make the changes, it was forced to.

The launch comes at a time for the company, whose revenues dropped by 2% in the most recent quarter. Its stock price sank after China prohibited iPhone use by government employees. Apple hopes to make up for lost revenue by enticing both current and potential customers.

Here’s all you gotta know about the new launches…

iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max

The premium, titanium-encased iPhone 15 Pro will be offered in silver, blue, and black. The titanium cover has the ‘lightest’ and ‘thinnest boundaries’ ever seen on an iPhone.


Credit: Instagram, @apple

They currently use aluminium, which is less durable. According to the teaser video, the titanium is brushed and has significantly softer edges than the most recent iPhone 14 Pro model.

The Camera

Credit: Forbes

The 48-megapixel cameras can now be set to automatically capture images in 48MP HEIF and extremely high resolution. The 24-megapixel images will produce sharp, low-light images.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s Photonic Engine supports 24, 28, and 35 mm focal lengths, and the sensor is larger than in previous iPhone models.

The iPhone 15 Pro will also come with a 3X telephoto camera. That will be increased to a 5X zoom for the 15 Pro Max. That’s a major difference between the two iPhone models, which are already the most expensive ones. A 120 mm focal length will also be available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Additionally, users can instantly connect their iPhone 15 Pro to their Mac PCs.

When captured with an iPhone 15 Pro and viewed on the Vision Pro, images and videos will appear “lifelike”. Now, users have the ability to record spatial videos, which combine standard and ultra-wide cameras to produce 3D videos that can be seen on the Vision Pro. The videos can be shared with anyone with an Apple Vision Pro, is scheduled for “later this year.”

A “Universally Accepted Standard”

Older Lightning cables won’t function with the iPhone 15 because Apple is transitioning to USB-C charging. If not, consumers would need to spend money on new cables, therefore it seems likely that Apple would include a cable in the iPhone’s box.

Features to Look Out For:

Apple is substituting an “action button” for the mute switch on the new model. When customers tap it, they have a variety of options in addition to the ability to switch between their ringer and silence. For instance, someone can press the button to begin recording a voice memo. The button will also be accompanied by visual feedback on the dynamic island of the iPhone 15 Pro.

According to a statement from Apple, the iPhone 15 will support satellite calls for roadside assistance. This guarantees that people without mobile service who require assistance while driving can still obtain it. For two years, the service will be free for owners of the iPhone 15.

And It’s Faster Than Ever…

A “breakthrough” GPU, a 3 nanometer chip most likely produced by Taiwan Semiconductor, is part of the new A17 Pro chip. There are also 19 billion transistors in it.

It will contain four “efficiency” cores in addition to two “high-performance” cores. As per the company, Apple’s artificial intelligence accelerator, the Neural Engine, would run twice as fast and have 16 cores. Apple claims that the six-core GPU is 20% quicker than the previous model and is geared more towards gaming than artificial intelligence.

How Much?

Apple declared that the starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro will remain $999, same as the previous year. Although there is a price rise for the iPhone 15 Pro Max ($1,199), but it comes with an increase in storage of 256 gigabytes.


The brand-new Apple Watch has a battery life of 72 hours and is made of 95% titanium, as well as upgraded AirPods with USB-C.

Apple Watch

The new high-end Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra 2’s preview is out!

Credit: Apple

The new watch will have the new S9 microprocessor, a new display with a brightness of 3,000 nits, and accuracy finding using a new second-generation ultra-wideband architecture. It also boasts a battery life of 72 hours and titanium that is 95% recyclable.

Modular Ultra is a new watch face, just for Ultra 2. It comes with the gadget. It is, according to Apple, their most customisable watch face yet.

The company is putting new finely woven bands in multiple colours out for its watch that are made without any leather in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly. It is a definite change from the initial Apple Watch debut in 2014, which focused on fashion and featured partnerships with luxury brands and high-end finishes like leather.

As per the company, the second-generation SE will cost $249. The Series 9 will cost $399, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will cost $799.

Users can pre-order the new launches on Friday and they will be available on 22nd September, 2023.

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