It’s Day 25 and Roberts is staying a few extra days in his beloved Napoli. It’s the same Naples he has enjoyed several time before but he notices a new positive post Covid optimism brimming from the “vicolli” the ancient streets of the city.

Credit: Youtube, Fashion Industry Broadcast

No more focus on crime and poverty a new energy is busting out all over the city. But Roberts doesn’t know that things are about to change for the worse, in unimaginable ways. NAPLES ITALY Throughout the 20th century, Naples had problems with high unemployment and deep-rooted organised crime, with further destruction caused by a massive earthquake in 1980.

However, in recent decades, and especially since Covid the city has been completely regenerated and today is a thriving hub of culture and history, with any number of spectacular monuments to show for its legendary past. Leave what you’ve heard at the door, forget the fears of crime and mugging, you can forget Sodom, forget even the Camorra, because the best things to do in Naples showcase a post Covid city enjoying a renaissance.

Times are changing in Italy’s third most populous city. Naples is undergoing a massive renaissance, shedding its rogue reputation for violence and organised crime, embracing its many charms instead. And the best things to do in Naples all involve getting cosy with the place, a city with history oozing from every one of its historic pores.

That history is most palpable in its ‘Vicoli’ the narrow streets and in the restaurants, pizzerias and bars that dot the city. Naples has seen a lot, but that gives it a story to tell; it might just be Italy’s most authentic city. Naples, “sempre magical, sempre misteriosa!”. EDITED BY MARIO WONTONO.

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