“Australian Fashion – The Past, Present, & Future” New feature film series for global streaming, cinematic release.

Credit: YouTube, Fashion Industry Broadcast

DESIRE GROUPE and FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST is in final production stages for a groundbreaking new feature film series on the whole Australian fashion story.

Something done on an unprecedented scale, by multi-award winning film production media company Fashion Industry Broadcast, and written and directed by one of the most Awarded documentary film makers in Australia, yours truly (see attachment on recent film awards). Made for both local and international release.

New feature documentary film series by Paul G Roberts and Fashion Industry Broadcast. Award winning film maker and media Groupe Fashion Industry Broadcast is making the most expansive and comprehensive feature film initiative on Australian Fashion ever created.

We cover the incredible rise of Australian fashion that was made possible with the arrival of Australian Fashion week in 1995. This changed the game. Featuring the never before told stories of the greatest Australian fashion designers, designers that conquered the world.

There are no less than a dozen separate films in this series. Each with lavish award winning production values, shot in 2023 on glorious 4K digital, with extensive use of archive footage, international runway shows as well never before seen footage. Appearing includes a who’s who from the world’s of Australian fashion design, business, media and industry. All the biggest Australian fashion icons who’s incredible stories have never been told in this fashion before.

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