Were the pyramids built with the help of alien intelligence? Are they the celestial gateways to alternate dimensions gazillions of light years away. Or are they just rocks stacked on top of each other off the back of the sweat and blood of poor working Egyptians and slaves?

Credit: Youtube, Fashion Industry Broadcast

Having seen the pyramids of Giza up close, I’m scratching my head on how ancient humans could have built something so remarkable by hand. There is something so uniquely fascinating about the Ancient Egyptians that has captivated historians, archaeologists, and the public for the last three hundred years…and it’s easy to see why.

From the strange form of writing called hieroglyphics to the mysterious Sphinx and from the macabre mummies to the Great Pyramid, Ancient Egypt was an enigmatic land that attracted Ancient Roman leaders and their militaries to the Egyptian seaports and British Egyptologists to its dusty temples and tombs.

Much of our understanding of ancient cultures can be attributed to the Ancient Egyptians who left us many texts and treasures, monuments and myths that offer us tantalising clues about the exotic and wondrous culture of Ancient Egypt.


In “80 DAYS”, starting from his home base of Sydney adventurer and Award winning film maker Paul G Roberts, retraces the global footsteps of Phileas Fogg, hero of Jules Verne’s most famous work, “Around the World in 80 Days”, and this time around Roberts does a deep dive on history, art and culture of the cities he visits, and he captures and records his global adventures for a new 80 Episode TV series.

Making an Award winning film is no small feat. Roberts has no less than 16 Best picture wins from major international Film festivals. Usually it takes a great story, a team of highly skilled artisans. Writers, producers, a great director, editors, actors and usually a pile of money. And even then it takes a decent amount of luck and a lot of dedication for it to realise the promise it had on paper.

There are a million things that can derail the project. The degree of difficulty is amplified many times over when it has ambitions to become a series. But for one person to attempt to all of this solo, is for most experts just insanity. In this new 80 episode solo Round the World Series, Award winning filmmaker and travel lover Paul G Roberts is the writer, director, producer, star, presenter, camera / sound / lighting / drone cam operator.


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