Versace, the famous Italian fashion brand, has taken a trip back to the 1960s with its latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Let’s explore this stylish journey into the past.

Credit: Grazia Magazine

Retro Vibes Galore

Imagine bold white frames, short dresses without sleeves, and boots that reach your knees. These are some of the key features of Versace’s new collection. They’re inspired by the fashion of the ’60s, but with a modern twist, thanks to playful cut-outs and new materials.

Credit: Hypebae

Vintage Revival

In this collection, Versace dove into its archives. The result? A vintage-inspired vibe that’s reminiscent of the iconic ’60s model, Twiggy. Look out for A-line dresses and chic sets that dominate the range.

Credit: Hypebae

Famous Faces on the Runway

Top models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Precious Lee graced the runway. Even the legendary Claudia Schiffer made a stunning comeback.

Credit: FF Channel

A Splash of Colors

The SS24 collection is a burst of candy colors. Picture buttercup yellow, mint green, baby pink, and pale blue. Models sported bouffant hairstyles and high ponytails, complete with headbands. The flared dresses had puffed sleeves, and there were cute two-piece sets. Crochet floral pieces added a touch of hippie love. Versace also showcased elegant suiting with relaxed silhouettes.

Credit: Grazia Magazine

Diverse Fabrics

Versace used a variety of materials, including silk, leather, tweed, knit, and sheer fabrics, to create this collection.

A Taste of Milan in the ’60s

Versace’s SS24 collection paints a vivid picture of what stylish folks in Milan were wearing in the 1960s. With chic matching sets and casual tailoring, it perfectly blends the carefree atmosphere of that era with Versace’s signature luxury.

Credit: Hypebae

Versace’s SS24 collection is a delightful journey to the past, offering a fresh take on ’60s fashion. With bold designs, famous faces, and a burst of colors, it’s a testament to Versace’s enduring style.

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