The looks you’ve seen on your favourite Disney Channel are making a comeback. Characters such as Hannah Montanna, Lizzie Mcguire, Alex Russo, and Raven Baxter are re-surging whether you like it or not.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Did you grew up watching Disney Channel’s early 2000’s original shows? From the funky animal prints, to the chunky heels. The dress over jeans trend, and remember the flashy diamantés? These are the looks that perfectly sum up our fashion inspiration from the era.

The fashion in this day and age has seen major disgust and critique for the early 2000’s clash. Its ill fitting silhouettes and unflattering combinations of textures. However, there is also a unique edge and nostalgic flare that is still relevant today.

Fashion has a fast pendulum swing when it comes to trends. So, it’s no surprise that this style is making its way into social media and onto the backs of influencers.

The looks are chaotic and hyper maximalist, never shying away from bright colours and experimental layering, and we have one person to thank for it.

A Series of Iconic Looks

The stylist and costume designer behind this iconic slew of looks is Cathryn Wagner. She has worked on iconic shows such as Lizzie McGuire, The Suite Life of Zack and CodyThat’s So Raven, and Hannah Montana.

In an interview with Vogue, Wagner says, “when I was first working on the Disney Channel, someone told me, ‘You have to understand that live-action shows are basically competing with cartoons for kids’ attention.”

Bright colours like turquoise, hot pink, and emerald green became go-tos for Wagner and is what contributed to the main colour palette of the aesthetic.

Now that these looks are seeing a renaissance, it’s no brainer that influencers are rushing over to TikTok and other platforms alike.

The “How to dress like you’re on Disney Channel” trend on TikTok has garnered millions of views. Some users using the trend as a way to poke fun at the absolute ridiculousness of the outfit combinations while others show off outfits that are practical for daily wear.

These looks put together by influencers reflect the early 2000’s Disney Channel era perfectly and is a beautiful way to reignite our inner child. We definitely think we will start to see this style being worn more often soon!

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