We’ve got a new couple in showbiz! Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner star as a couple in Gucci’s newest campaign.

Credit: TMZ

The advertising campaign, Gucci Valigeria, shows the A-list couple travelling in style. They wear the vintage Savoy Collection clothing from the brand.

All you need to Know about the Campaign

According to a press release from the brand, The Kardashians star and Grammy winner radiate the “intimacy of travelling together”. It comes from creative director Sabato De Sarno, lensed by Anthony Seklaoui.

Credit: Instagram @gucci

The duo cuddles up on a stack of Gucci bags in one picture, first appearing on September 30th. Another campaign image shows Jenner and Bunny on an escalator together. The campaign captures the Jet Set glamour of the 1990s. Naturally, both are wearing chic Gucci gear from head to toe.

Gucci Valigeria showcases a variety of suitcases, travel bags, and duffels. The campaign also presents creative re-designs along with the new, bright leather hues and rubberised leather with the double-G mark imprint.

What’s been Brewing

The start of Kendall and Bad Bunny dating rumours date back to February 2023; appearing on a double date with Justin and Hailey Bieber. The two were “introduced by friends,” a source said at the time,  as per Vanity.

The couple had their “hard launch”, as fans call it, after being spotted together at Gucci’s spring/summer 2024 fashion show in Milan. At De Sarno’s debut performance, the couple sat front row and teased the recently unveiled ad. The images suggest a paparazzi-style portrayal, a situation the renowned couple encounters frequently.

The two are yet to comment on their romance publicly.

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