Montell Fish strips down his feelings, in the heartbreaking ballad of abandonment “I Just Wanna Feel Your Love Again”. He showcases his acute ability to evoke emotion and, in doing so, heals us all.

Credit: Instagram @montellfish

A little over a year ago, Montell Fish uploaded a simple, melancholic cover of the song “I Just Wanna Feel Your Love Again” to YouTube. The only instrumental accompaniment was provided by the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar. Fish hadn’t made the song available for streaming at the time. After waiting eleven months, he has now released a music video and the track’s official studio version.

In the new version, Fish is still strumming his guitar. However, this time,  he is sitting on the floor of a church, not his bedroom. For those who are unaware, the picture is reminiscent of the crooner’s early releases, which were indie Christian gospel albums.

The Emotions

Fish’s uniqueness is his ability to capture the agony of longing for a ghost with visceral force. It doesn’t matter if he sings to a lover or a dead religion. It doesn’t matter if you can relate to the alt-indie musician’s intense feeling or not. When he sings, for those few breath-taking minutes, you’re drowning with him.

“I Just Wanna Feel Your Love Again” demonstrates, it’s not the ending that kills you; it’s the eroding effect of stillness. Even though he is acutely aware of how it would always end, Fish promises to relive the warmth of his earlier days.

Fish will create a masterpiece if you give him an acoustic guitar and some basic software. We take solace in his confusion as he walks the line between R&B and indie with a voice filled with grief and a hurting heart.

On “I Just Wanna Feel Your Love Again,” the subject of his wanting isn’t made clear. However, the ambiguity allows each of us to interpret it in the context of our own particular ache. You can watch the “I Just Wanna Feel Your Love Again” studio version on the artist’s official YouTube channel.

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