Shayne Oliver’s Anonymous Club ventures into uncharted territory with its Spring/Summer 2024 collaboration, forming an unlikely alliance with the adult entertainment giant Pornhub.

Credit: Hypebae

This groundbreaking Pornhub collaboration takes centre stage during Paris Fashion Week. SS24’s avant-garde collection and a provocative fashion film by Oliver make their debut.

Exploring Vulnerability and Overexposure

Oliver’s film, shot within the confines of his Schinkel Pavilion exhibition in Berlin, delves into themes of “overexposure” and the embrace of vulnerability. With Oliver’s narration as the backdrop, the film replaces Pornhub’s conventional soundtrack with a symphony of latex sounds, glitches, and camera clicks, setting the stage for an unconventional journey.

Starring Natassia Dreams

Notably, pornstar Natassia Dreams takes the lead role in this erotic fashion film, providing a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come in the SS24 capsule collection.

An Intimate Glimpse of the Collection

Credit: Hypebae

Amidst fleeting glimpses of exposed skin, Oliver seemingly guides viewers through his collection, which draws inspiration from the intriguing world of BDSM fashion trends, reminiscent of secret sex club underworlds. Expect to find chokers, breast cutouts, floor-length slip dresses tailored for dominatrixes, and undergarments that draw inspiration from assless chaps.

Pre-Order and Availability

For fashion enthusiasts eager to embrace this daring collection, all items are currently available for pre-order. Anticipate delivery between February and March 2024.

Pornhub’s Perspective

Alexzandra Kekesi, Pornhub’s head of community and brand, sheds light on the collaboration’s significance. “This collection is a beautiful and poetic reflection that intersects fashion and adult entertainment. We are proud to continue supporting creative innovators that align with our mission and core values of consent, freedom of sexual expression, authenticity, originality, and diversity.”

Exploration and Shopping

To explore this boundary-pushing collection, visit Shayne Oliver Group’s website. For those curious about the provocative fashion film, it’s available for viewing exclusively on Pornhub’s platform.

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