In a recent emotional and powerful statement, Gigi Hadid, the renowned American supermodel with Palestinian heritage, is taking a bold stand in the devastating Israel-Palestine conflict.


Gigi Hadid’s heartfelt message sheds light on her own perspective, and demonstrates the impact of her words.

A Strong Advocate for Palestinian Rights

Gigi Hadid, a vocal supporter of the “Free Palestine” movement, along with her sister Bella Hadid, expressed her deep concern for the ongoing conflict in the region. She described the situation as an “unjustifiable tragedy” and wholeheartedly threw her support behind Palestine’s struggle. At the same time, she unequivocally condemned the violence that has arisen as a result of these attacks.

In her statement, she wrote, “I deeply understand the Palestinian struggle and their life under occupation. It’s a responsibility I carry every day.” This shows her strong emotional bond with the cause.

A Message of Unity and Peace

Furthermore, Hadid acknowledged her responsibility to her Jewish friends, emphasising that her hopes and dreams for Palestinians do not involve harming Jewish people. She strongly condemned the terrorising of innocent people, asserting that it is not in alignment with the #Free Palestine movement. She also emphasised the painful cycle of retaliation, which has adversely affected both Palestinian and Israeli civilians. This cycle, she pointed out, perpetuates the false idea that supporting Palestine equates to antisemitism.

A Plea for Humanity


As a mother, Gigi Hadid concluded her message by extending her heartfelt apologies to everyone impacted by the conflict. She emphasised the importance of safety and expressed her love and strength for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. She emphasized that all people deserve basic rights, fair treatment, and safety.

Although she understood that her words couldn’t solve everything, she consistently prays for the safety of innocent lives.

Influence Beyond Words

Gigi Hadid’s post garnered significant attention, prompting discussions and reflections on the conflict and the role of influential figures in addressing such global issues. Her decision to turn off comments on the post highlights the sensitive and polarising nature of the topic.

As of now, Gigi’s sister, Bella Hadid, who is also a prominent voice in raising awareness for Palestine, has not publicly commented on the matter.

Their father, Mohamed Hadid, a multi-millionaire real estate developer, is of Palestinian origin, adding a personal dimension to their advocacy.

The Ongoing Crisis

Furthermore, in the Israel-Palestine conflict, there has been a rising death toll, with over 3,000 casualties, including more than 1,000 Israelis. This crisis escalated as the Palestinian group Hamas fired numerous rockets from Gaza and took people as captives. In return, Israel began repeated air attacks, completely blocking off the Gaza Strip. This affects the lives of 2.3 million people that live there.

In a world full of problems, Gigi Hadid’s words remind us to care for others, work together, and find peaceful ways to stop innocent people from suffering.

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