Shanghai Fashion Week 2024 started the Asian fashion calendar off with an electrifying start.

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Shanghai has been at the forefront of the Asian fashion market for over a decade, and the world waited in anticipation to see what they would bring this year.

A press conference held on September 25th unveiled this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week theme: “Synergy.” Synergy is defined as the links between cultures in the past and present. It is to explore ideas around technology and sustainability in fashion both internationally and domestically. The meaning behind the collections surrounds themes of female empowerment, conscious fashion and cultural inheritance.

The Week Overview

Shanghai Fashion Week had the public captivated from the commencement on the 8th of October, to the end on the 16th of October. It incorporated 100 brands showcasing their latest collections and over 1,000 brands were exhibited in events throughout the city. Brands such as CHAU·RISING, Pantterfly, Tommy Zhong Studio, 夹生: HALF MADE, The World Is Your Oyster, Comme Moi, and CONVERSE x LABELHOOD YOUTOPIA 第三季因你而创 were displayed.

Expanding the celebrations, Shanghai Fashion Week showcased an enhanced consumer-focused initiative known as the Fashion Carnival. This exciting event encompassed a variety of engaging activities, including skateboarding lessons, art displays, and live music shows hosted at trendy locations.

The Highlights

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ICICLE Fashion Brand

The opening show of the week was ICICLE, a Chinese fashion label that breathes simplicity, elegance, and sustainability. Their philosophy and concepts surround being ‘made in earth,’ with a caring and eco-friendly approach to fashion.

The label has a minimal and ethical focus for its designs and the creation of this runway sought to highlight the versatility of their garments. Icicle Officials’ Instagram quoted:

“In an era marked by diverse lifestyles, ICICLE has persistently strived to offer versatile wardrobes that resonate with a wide community of individuals, fulfilling their needs and kindling their emotions.”

Icicle displayed 48 looks that were inspired by nature and created an effortless celebration of sustainability.

Their concept for this collection is as reads:

“This season, we go into the forest, immersed in nature’s vast and majestic order, our bodies, tiny and fleeting, engage all our senses to respond. A complete return to nature, a life experience, feeling the gentle earth beneath our soles, touching the elements, and listening to the convergence of all things’ echoes, autumn and winter tales, whispered by the woods.”

Tommy Zhong Fashion Brand

On the 9th of October, Tommy Zhong’s runway proved itself to be a highlight, captivating the audience with their innovative designs that beautifully conveyed the essence of an “unrestrained, free-spirited, and carefree woman.”

Credit: @tommyzhongstudio

At @shanghai_fashion on Instagram, they presented Tommy Zhong’s show:

“At #ss24 Shanghai Fashion Week DAY 2, Chinese original designer brand @tommyzhongstudio unveiled its latest collection.

Elegant and exquisitely designed long dresses painted a dynamic scene of running and chasing in a summer jungle, portraying an image of unrestrained, free-spirited, and carefree women. It was a runway action worth experiencing.”

One to Watch


Hidemi embodies sophistication through its cutting-edge designs yet simplistic silhouettes. Their pieces predominantly focus on minimalist outwear and workwear, with asymmetrical features. On Oct 15th, Hidemi created a spectacular show, that proved they are a brand to watch.

The Week

The runways showcased an eclectic mix of styles, from classic elegance to avant-garde exploration. There was a focal point on sustainability; with many fashion houses solely using eco-friendly fabrics, which highlighted the industry’s evolving commitment to environmental responsibility.

What truly set this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week apart was its global influence. It attracted a diverse crowd of fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and socialites from around the world, emphasising the city’s growing influence on the international fashion stage.

Overall, Shanghai Fashion Week 2023 was a resounding success. It celebrated diversity, creativity, and sustainability while cementing its prominence in fashion innovation. With its noteworthy schedule and the innovation of the Fashion Carnival, it had something for everyone. It was a perfect celebration of haute couture and was a must-see event for fashion aficionados worldwide.

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