After the hype and fanfare over Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic, it’s time Mrs Presley gets to shine in the spotlight. Director Sofia Coppola is set to present Priscilla, set to hit the theatres soon. And makeup brand Half Magic are all over it.

Credit: Forbes

The story comes from the 1985 memoir Elvis and Me. Overall, the film transports us to the fashion and makeup of the 60’s.

In collaboration with A24, Sofia Coppola, and Half Magic, a Priscilla-inspired eye kit is now available – allowing users to ignite their inner Priscilla Presley. Priscilla’s iconic jet-black winged eyeliner and flirty lashes are infamous. So in tribute to her, the kit includes all the holy grail products to achieve her dramatic 1960’s winged eye look. Inclusive, are the EYELECTRIC ultra black lengthening / tubing mascara and viral MAGIC FLIK liquid eyeliner. The kit is user friendly, with the last item of the set being the WING MAGICIAN; a silicone device that acts as a template to help create those sharp bold wings.

Credit: Half Magic

From makeup artist Donni Davy, the products are vegan and cruelty free, and eye-safety tested. The formula is waterproof and won’t budge for 12 hours. So you’ll be able to keep your look intact – even if you shed a few tears during the movie.

The set was curated because—while Presley’s signature look is iconic—”it’s not that easy for all of us to create those dramatic wings,” says Davy.

Davy comments on the makeup as a character in the film: “Priscilla was speaking my language. I thought [the makeup] was a character in the film. I was so taken aback and altered a little bit by the part in the film where you see that Elvis is pushing her to go with heavier eye makeup and dye her hair. It’s so dark and twisted because he is turning her into this vampy character, this sex kitten, full transformation from school girl to glamorous icon, and it kind of became her identity. This look inspired millions of people, millions of women, but did Elvis create it?”

Priscilla and the Makeup Revolution

The Priscilla makeup look is famous. And the evolution of how it got to that stage is highly integral to the film and Priscilla’s personal story.

The film depicts Priscilla’s life during Elvis, the grooming, the controlling behaviour, and the love. Coppola says her interest in the project is a result of being “so struck with how the setting is so unusual, but [Priscilla] goes through all of the things that all girls go through growing up into womanhood – her first kiss and becoming a mother – all of these moments I could relate to, but in this very unusual setting that we’re so curious to know.”

Priscilla set to release on the 3rd of November, check out the trailer here.

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