Working at the Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta is a dream come true for every luxury fashion enthusiast. Now, though, this goal is achievable.

Source: Bottega Veneta

At the “Accademia Labor et Ingenium”, Bottega Veneta has its own fashion design school. It allows aspiring creatives to learn from world-class artisans; paying homage to the brand’s original coat of arms. It reads: “Labor et Ingenium, Mestiere e Creatività”. This translates into “Work and talent, craftsmanship and creativity”. 

Source: Bottega Veneta

The institution aims to foster creativity in Veneto and preserve the Made in Italy legacy. It will provide training with regional partners, apart from refresher and development programmes for the company’s staff.

Bartolomeo Rongone, CEO of Bottega Veneta shared, “The Labor and Ingenium Academy is a strategic pillar for preserving Bottega Veneta’s unique know-how… Craftsmanship and creative excellence are an integral part of our brand and the heritage of our home region, Veneto. With this academy, we are taking the collective ethos, which is at the heart of Bottega Veneta, to an even higher level, building on our rich history of sharing skills and innovation to train the artisans of tomorrow.”

What does the Course Include?

The Academy’s inaugural project began on October 16. It consists of a seven-week training session for eight students chosen from the Università Iuav di Venezia. Leading the way in “The creative craft process: a course in bag design and production” is master craftsman Ruggero Negretto of Bottega Veneta. The course covers a thorough analysis of the luxury market, professional communication and interpersonal skills development. It also includes prototyping and production of various bag shapes and finishes.

Source: Bottega Veneta

“Since I was a young apprentice at Bottega Veneta, I have learned from the experience, expertise and passion of the most experienced craftsmen,” said Ruggero Negretto. “It is a great honour and responsibility to pass on this unique knowledge to a new generation and to give continuity to this important tradition typical of Bottega in all its community, creativity and cultural heritage.”

Who Can Apply?

Creatives from all backgrounds are welcome to apply to this highly selective institution. It accepts only 50 students every year and ensures these graduates get jobs at Bottega Veneta. The seminars will be held at the brand’s new location in Povolaro Dueville and its current atelier in Montebello Vicentino, Italy.

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