Maximalist fashion, bright colours, bold patterns, and exaggerated silhouettes are all staples of influencer, designer, and stylist Sara Camposarcone.

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As a self-proclaimed “sustainable maximalist”, she flaunts her fun and child-like style through second-hand vintage pieces.

“I call myself a sustainable maximalist because my style is very eclectic and 95% of my closet is secondhand or vintage. I also love to shop small designers and brands,”

she says in an interview with refinery29.

Sara elaborates in an interview with Politico: “Ways that I practice sustainability while still feeding my maximalist needs are clothing swaps, clothing rentals and upcycling clothes I don’t wear anymore. I always remind people to ‘shop their own closet,’ because oftentimes we have more than enough, and just need to style things in a new, exciting way.”

Some of her favourite small brands include Philadelphia-based Room Shop Vintage – which makes small-batch zero-waste satin scrunchie accessories and Etsy shop Makmak Handmade, which uses vintage bedsheets as fabrics.

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The Canadian influencer first appeared on the scene by posting her vibrant looks on TikTok. And she has quickly garnered over a million followers since the creation of her account in June of 2020.

She tells fashion magazine about the beginnings of her love for fashion,

“My grandmother has always had a big influence on me, and she’s a massive Marilyn Monroe fan,” but I’ve always been a creative person. Growing up, I loved painting and making things, so now I’ve become my own canvas.”

She classifies her style as “playful, colourful, bold and nostalgic” and cites Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Iris Apfel as her current muses.

Breathing Some Life Into Your Collection

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Sara also drops her style right to your doorstep with her own accessory and jewellery business, Saracampo.

Her store currently stocks her own rings and bangles, handmade uniquely from resin and clay. Each item is a direct reflection of her style, they’re bright and fun items that include resin gummy bears, hearts, flowers, and rhinestones.

Her pieces are sculpted with care, in different shapes and textures that add some life to your jewellery collection.

The beginnings of her brand are in the resin pieces she made for herself to wear, because of her love for handmade. Interest started sparking for her pieces, with many begging for a chance to have one of her designs.

“I feel as though my designs represent my brain and whats going on inside of it, so sometimes they’re kinda weird, but thats also what makes them fun!”

she says.

The love for her content and business is what keeps Sara going. “Dressing up is literally my job, and it brings me so much joy. I’m living my dream,” she says.

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