After appearing recently in NYC, dating rumours have been sparked surrounding supermodel Gigi Hadid and actor Bradley Cooper.

Credit: @FutureReckless on X

While nothing official has been confirmed, the two have been continuously spotted either walking together or getting into the same car. During these car rides they were also seen unloading duffels into the trunk which suggest that they could have been returning from trips spent together.

Cooper added fuel to the fire when he stepped out adorning a plaid shirt from Hadid’s knitwear brand, Guest In Residence.

However, one thing really points out the difference in their relationship. This being their fashion style.

It’s assumed that with a supermodel status as regarded as a Hadid, her off-model looks are effortless and comfy. Cooper on the other hand seems to be lacking in this department.

In the above image Gigi is seen cozy and warm in a grey beanie, trench coat and Salomon sneakers while Bradley is in sweats rocking Ellen DeGeneres branded boxers…

It was on this day that Page Six reports that the “unlikely duo” were “headed back to Cooper’s luxe townhome” when paparazzi spotted them.