A Chinese court is in the wake of a big decision after supporting Amazon on its Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) and Prada Group. They are using data about fake luxury items sold abroad in a case that changes the traditional method of using evidence from police raids.

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The data shows that big businesses like Amazon and Prada, working together, is important in fighting fake products.

A Shift in Legal Precedent


Usually, counterfeit cases depend on evidence from police raids. But in this case, there is a difference. It uses data from Amazon’s CCU and Prada Group, as well as other luxury brands. The defendant’s guilty plea hinges on this compelling evidence, marking a momentous change in how counterfeiters are brought to justice.

Collaboration and Commitment

Kebharu Smith, director of Amazon’s CCU, emphasises the importance of collaboration in this victory. He says,

“The person admitting they’re guilty is a big win for Amazon’s CCU.

Smith says that the police and companies like Prada Group are vital in obtaining the results. It shows that collaboration is very important in fighting counterfeit culture.

A Long-Running Case

The origins of this case trace back to 2021 when Amazon’s CCU first identified the defendant’s counterfeiting activities. After conducting internal investigations, Amazon referred the case to the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB). The result was a three-year prison sentence for the defendant, along with a $25,000 fine, and the forfeiture of all illicit profits. Additionally, all counterfeit goods in the defendant’s possession have been confiscated and will be destroyed.

Prada Group’s Commitment

Credit: Business Wire

Francesca Secondari, Prada Group’s top lawyer, said they’re committed to safeguarding their brands and making sure their products stay top-notch. Working with Amazon is helping them stop people who break the law and harm their customers.

Ongoing Collaboration with Amazon

Credit: Business Wire

This ruling coincides with Amazon’s continuing efforts to collaborate with brands. That, and enforcing the law globally to combat counterfeit trade. Amazon’s advanced protection technologies have proven effective in preventing fraudulent account openings and removing suspicious listings. In 2022 alone, they took legal action or initiated investigations against 1,300 individuals across the US, UK, EU, and China. Furthermore, they blocked or removed 99 percent of such listings.

This win shows a change in fighting fake stuff. It means working together and using data are key. The goal is to protect brands and their things.

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