Here is the new Prada ideal. It’s a dreamlike scene full of exquisite details, and it’s the aesthetics of dreams. Overall, beauty rethinks itself inside Prada’s Milanese ateliers for FW23. It now derives from action rather than aesthetics.

Credit: Prada

Prada’s Fall Winter 23 collection saw a fusion extraordinary original idea. The once-romantic white wedding gown gave way to more casual wear. The otherwise elegant garment walks the runway with sweaters for a fresh take on street style. As a tribute to their ateliers’ skill and the idea of discovering beauty in the process, the luxury fashion brand brought the managed to bring intricate floral embroideries to life.

Creating the Perfect Setting

This idea permeates the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada, in an area where Prada put their collection on display. A moving ceiling reengineers the room’s dimensions, alternating between enlarging and contracting it. The reveal of floral decals hidden in their industrial forms, forces one to reevaluate space. It encourages them to think about how one moves through it.

Appreciating the Prada Process

The idea behind the collection’s name, “Taking Care,” came from the House’s inspiration for the uniforms worn by individuals who dedicate their lives to providing care for others. Reshaped, cocooning, and traditionally made outerwear that took inspiration from menswear silhouettes. They formed protective apparel out of leather and suede contrasted with elevated uniforms. Another layer of care is added to clothing by the laborious hand appliqué of intricate flowers, symbolic of loving.

In this context, clothing becomes more than just a product for Prada. It becomes a voyage through time and space where textiles, codes, motifs, and embroideries become symbols of more than just fabric manipulation, but rather a lifetime of memory, skill, and care.

This philosophy extends to the space in which Prada showed their collection – the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada – where a moving ceiling reengineers dimensions, oscillating between reducing and amplifying the room. Floral decals, previously concealed in their industrial forms, are uncovered, a revelation that prompts further reconsideration of both space and one’s movements within it.

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