In the United Kingdom, fashion house Gucci launches its Changemakers Programme. This initiative supports aspiring designers and non-profit organisations, assisting 50+ and awarding scholarships to 70 North American students.

Credit: Hypebeast

Gucci is collaborating with the London College of Fashion, part of the University of the Arts London. Through this relationship, the Programme will continue by giving scholarships to new students who are having trouble paying for school.

Empowering Emerging Designers

Credit: HypeBeast

The Changemakers program provides creative students with tools and platforms essential for their fashion careers. Workshops led by artist Ronan Mckenzie, along with guests from Rise 365, Art Against Knives, and The Advocacy Academy, will culminate in a year-end exhibition.

Enthusiastic Partnerships

Vanessa Kingori, Chief Business Officer at Condé Nast Britain, praising the candidate’s talent, potential, and the Programme’s life-changing impact. This opportunity supports the underrepresentation of talent, easing financial burdens and unlocking their potential.

Honoured Scholars and Impact

Joy Buckley, Anissa-Louisa Kerbouche, and Alicia Grilli, who are pursuing different fashion degrees at the London College of Fashion, UAL, have been acknowledged for their academic achievements.

Gucci Supports Diversity in Fashion

Professor Andrew Teverson, from the London College of Fashion, UAL, lauds Gucci and its commitment to supporting diversity. It aligns with the college’s vision of inclusive education to shape future fashion leaders. He states that,

Gucci’s commitment to providing financial support to diverse, undergraduate students interested in building a career in fashion aligns perfectly with our philosophy of open and inclusive education to shape the leaders of tomorrow.”

Gucci’s Changemakers Programme in the UK holds great promise, fostering budding talent and diversity in fashion education. Such initiatives pave the way for a new generation, making education more accessible and impactful in the world of fashion.

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