It’s now Day 30 and Roberts is in Cairo and hungry to revisit this special place that he first visited 20 years ago. And this time there is a new major attraction the ‘GEM’.

Credit: supplied

Most visitors to mysterious Egypt fly into Cairo, and from there you can see the great Egyptian Museum, The Sphinx, the Nile, the Pyramids of Giza and the. But Egypt is much more than Cairo and to get you full experience like the two times I have been there you need to get outside of just Cairo to see all the wonders of Ancient Egypt, where you will find some true treasures. You’ll also find remote desert monasteries, romantic coastal resorts, once-drowned ancient temples and millennial masterpieces. It was some 20 years in the making and cost billions of dollars, but the newest and biggest art museum on the planet is finally here ! It’s the much vaunted debut for the art museums of the world, it’s the grand opening of the grand Egyptian Museum which opened in 2023 laying claim to being the biggest art museum in the entire world.

When your countries show stopping attractions, that happen to be next door, are the great pyramids, it follows that you are going to need a museum that has the same ability to inspire awe. The GEM as it’s known is an architectural miracle showcasing the finest examples of ancient and modern styles which came for the second largest architectural competition on earth.


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