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  • Miles Aldridge
  • David Bailey
  • Steven Klein
  • Mert and Marcus
  • Sarah Moon
  • Rankin
  • Stephane Sednaoui
  • Mario Testino

Some of the most memorable images in the history of photography have come about through the creative tension between art and commerce – creating images that have been able to transcend the time in which they were made, and enabling them to represent that time in perpetuity.


Many of the artists featured in this edition are the hidden names behind the some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious brands, like Bruce Weber the photographer who defines the semi-erotic brand imagery behind Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein, or a name less well known Solve Sundsbo who crafts the provocative brand imagery for Tom Ford. London based but Peruvian Mario Testino is almost as famous as the subjects he shoots. Forever remembered for his Tom Ford era Gucci campaigns with styling by none other than Corinne Roitfeld, and who could forget the “rock with royalty” campaign Testino launched to launch the new Burberry image to stellar heights around the world.