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  • David Sims
  • Mario Sorrenti
  • Solve Sundsbo
  • Terry Richardson
  • Juergen Teller
  • Ellen Von Unwerth
  • Albert Watson
  • Bruce Weber

Photography, how times have changed of late. We now live in a world where a large number of the earth’s population carries with them a high definition digital camera and video camera with them at all times. The “selfie” has recently been added to the dictionaries of the world as an official thing. Sites like Instagram allow anyone who wishes to be their own picture editor or publisher. Leading British and iconic photographic legend Nick Knight states that his favourite camera is his iPhone, not Hasselblad.


It’s no secret that in the tech-savvy 21st century, celebrity photographers are as plentiful as they are powerful. Photographers like Steven Meisel and Mario Testino have launched the careers of countless models, stylists, and make-up artists. Others like Rankin and Nick Knight have created media platforms to take fashion photography and film in unanticipated yet important directions. And then there are the controversial photographers like Terry Richardson who is either a genius or a sex pervert depending on who’s account you listen to.


All of the fashion photographers on this list see themselves not as mere tools in the selling process, but artists working in a pure and high art form, who are continually redefining visual culture, beauty, and art.