TOP MODELS Vol 66 – Male Legends

Written by Zoe Burrell and Aikita Jarrah


  • John Pearson
  • Mark Vanderloo
  • David Gandy
  • Markus Schenkenberg
  • Tyson Beckford
  • Tony Ward
  • Travis Fimmel
  • Nacho Figueras
  • Werner Schreyer
  • Alex Lundqvist

What’s the recipe for a Male SuperModel? A dash of charm, a handful of sex appeal, a decent sprinkle of really good luck and oodles of pure raw talent.

The ensemble cast of Vol 66 have that something special, that allows them to stand toe to toe in an industry dominated by the opposite sex. They are trailblazers and trendsetters. They have both set and broken records for their sex in the business. Most of whom have fallen into the industry quite by accident, they’ve have left some deep imprints along the way, altering the perception of male beauty standards.

The men depicted within these pages have more than their faces on billboards, and names sewn into the fabric of brands. They’re building legacies and it’s precisely why we’ve called them ‘Legends’.