Splendour Is Just Around The Corner…

With Splendour coming up this weekend it is well and truly time to sort out your outfits for the incredible 3-day smorgasbord of musical talent. We have you sorted from head to toe.

With the weather forecast looking absolutely stellar, the weather man presumes close to no chance of rain. As a result, you’ll be able to unleash your inner bohemian goddess or sporty spirit during the day without having to hide it all under a giant coat. However, we would recommend a stylish jacket for the inevitable chill as the sun goes down. You will no doubt be too busy to notice, dancing to all the amazing tunes blasting out over the Byron Parklands.

Photo Credit: www.theadvocate.com.au

If you are the fuss free, easy-going type, take Paddy from Sticky Fingers advice that he gave when talking to Triple J this week. “Pick up your floordrobe with two hands and just jam it into the bag.” Anything you like to wear at the moment is probably in that pile and it doesn’t really matter if it is dirty because it will no doubt get grubby and crinkled at the festival anyway.

If you aren’t a huge fan of Paddy’s advice, you can always draw inspiration from the 2016 Glastonbury festival, which just happened about a month earlier. Looking at the hundreds of fashion shots from the festival it would be safe to say it is definitely the time to whip out your leather and sheepskin jackets. These will be your lifesavers when the sun goes down and they will still look fabulous tied around you waist if you get a bit hot and sweaty dancing to Flume and The Avalanches.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.20.59 am
Poppy Delevingne rocking sheepskin and leather jackets at Glastonbury. Photo Credit: www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

Sparkle Accessorise:

Simple denim skirts, jeans and shorts can easily be pair with a statement top. Sequins, lace and bold prints always look great. You can even jump on the latest trend of ear makeup to add that little spark to your outfit. For more information on this trend check out our article on this look.

Simple Bottoms and statement tops. Photo Credit: wheretoget.it

Also remember that a simple jeans and t-shirt combo can easily be dressed up with cool accessories and awesome braids. And GLITTER!!! Its not every day you get to wear glitter so take advantage of it. Have Fun.

Braids and glitter. Photo Credit: notionmagazine.com


To protect your toes a simple pair of boots or the classic gumboots will be perfect for the weekend. With thousands of people hitting the festival it will either be dusty or muddy. So it would be safest to leave your nice shoes and heels at home, because no doubt they will end up destroyed. If you do decide to go with the gumboots, a word of advice, wear LONG SOCKS!!! With all the walking, running, skipping and dancing, chafing at the top of long gumboots does happen. A long pair of socks just stops this from happening and can also look really chic if you add a hidden pop of colour to your outfit.

Gumboots and sock. A must have! Photo Credit: 4zzzfm.wordpress.com

Hopefully the weather forecast is right but even if it does rain, just enjoy it. Don’t worry about being dirty or having wrinkled clothes, just enjoy the music and amazing atmosphere. Have fun with your festival style. If you want to wear your normal everyday clothes, wear them. If you want to walk into Splendour covered in glitter looking like a fairy princess, do it! No rules apply.