The Looks That Caught Our Eye at the Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony

With more than 200 countries and more than 11,000 athletes competing at this years Olympics in Rio, there was definitely plenty to see at the opening ceremony. The entire world was watching, as each of the countries stepped into the arena in their countries uniforms, and there were definitely some that caught our eye.

Each of the countries that are taking part in the Rio 2016 Olympics were decked out in team uniforms, with many having been designed by well-known designers and fashion brands like Louboutin, H&M, Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney.


The Canadian athletes were looking especially Canadian, with red and white ensembles that had large maple leaves plastered across their backs. The relaxed bright red streetwear inspired jackets were designed by Toronto based duo, Dan and Dean Caten.

Canadian Team. Photo Credit:


It would be wrong not to mention the cute printed dresses and navy blazer combo that the Brazilian team wore. The boat hats and colourful outfits were definitely fitting for the hosting country.

Brazilian Team. Photo Credit:


It would be pretty hard to miss Sweden’s athletes in their sunny yellow two pieces and dark knee high socks. Swedish company H & M were the masterminds behind these eye-catching outfits.

Swedish Team. Photo Credit:


Germany’s silver raincoats were so cool! Each of the athletes were wearing plain black clothes with a hooded long silver raincoat and it was simply amazing. Not that it was likely to rain but they would have been the most prepared if it did.

German team. Photo Credit:


The Cuban team strutted through the arena in comfortably sporty blue and red tracksuits designed by Puma, which were more than suitable for the Olympics. Christian Louboutin and have joined forces for the Cuban teams closing ceremony outfits and we can’t wait! Read more about these amazing outfits here.

Cuban Team. Photo Credit:

South Africa:

The South African team made us all jealous with their brightly coloured green and yellow tracksuits. The teams obvious excitement combined with these bright colours just made you want to smile. Once again the tracksuit was a perfectly suitable choice.

South African Team. Photo Credit:

There have been some very mixed reactions to the Sportscraft-designed outfits that the Australian athletes stepped out in. With many people likening the mint green and white striped blazers to that of the Australian “Medicare card”, there have been multiple memes floating around. While the style and cuts of the jacket are amazing, the stripes definitely make it a bit hard to look at, especially from your TV at home in Australia, with the cameras struggling to pick up the stripes.

Australian Team. Photo Credit:


Despite some amazing and not so amazing outfits and ensembles at the opening ceremony, each athlete will be stepping up to the plate in the next couple of weeks and will no doubt make each of their countries proud.