FIB Short Feature Film: Top Ten Controversial Photographers


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Photo credit: Extravaganzi 

Developed in the mid-1800s for the sole purpose of displaying and selling clothing and accessories, fashion photography has since morphed into a complex genre of photo-taking that tells a story; reflecting a distinct lifestyle and mood via a photographer’s manipulation of subject(s), location and props. But for every photographer who revels in the beauty of gloss and glamour and stakes themselves firmly in the realm of commercially acceptable photography, there lies an artist who defies the industry’s prevailing codes and motifs; pushing the limits between fashion, art and shock value.

While many of these photographers have been criticised for taking their vision to a point where art and fashion are almost indistinguishable from pornography and exploitation, other critics laud their daring efforts. Check out FIB’s 5 minute web-doco, showcasing the top ten fashion photographers who have withstood the test of time!

Video by Isabelle Crouch

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